BitDefender Total Security Review

BitDefender Total Security [Review]

A further extended version of the bitdefender internet security 2014 is the bitdefender total security 2014 software. Categorized under top-of-the-line security products, the bitdefender total security makes efforts to prove its title. Along with being an anti-virus, Malware and spam filtering, this software also includes a two way firewall, parental control, PC tune up, identity protection, anti-theft, online storage, file encryption and data shredding. In addition to the four tabs of the internet security, total security has a total of eleven tabs, which, from a single Window, manage all the security activities going on in the system. Working around these eleven tabs is a task filled with skill if you are to choose the settings manually. But bitdefender autopilot makes this task bliss for the rookies.


There is an available onscreen gadget available for windows 7 where in you can have a glance at the current status of the software as well as your system. Any outstanding alerts are also highlighted in this gadget. An added feature of the gadget is that you can directly drag and drop files into the gadget and the anti-virus runs a scan for your file immediately. Bitdefender Total Security 2014 provides its users with a total 2 GB of online cloud storage to save your back up files. Back up files are saved by BitDefender itself according to its own way and criterion and can be retrieved when in need.

There is an anti-theft provision given within the software which does the job of protecting your windows tablet, laptop or other wireless device in case of stealth. All you need to do is access the bitdefender official website and control your registered device through the website. Under this, you can control your device within a wireless radius limit. The device can be locked, tracked and even the data on the hard disk can be erased. Though these control options are available for the devices, given the presence of a webcam on the device, there is no provision to take any picture of the thief over this control software.






Being total security software, bitdefender total security also does the job of scanning the system files to check for and remove any malwares from the storage. Tests reveal that the software scans files at a massive rate of over 150 files per second in the first attempt itself. Post the first attempt, the software smartly scans the data files and doesn’t scan all the files thereby leaving the unchanged files as they are. The average time for copying the files with the bitdefender total security 2014 on was increased by just 17 percent which proves that the software is not system heavy and is extremely efficient at its job regardless of the system configurations.

Overall, both these products from bitdefender viz. Internet security and total security are well designed and do their job quite well without any special hardware requirements for the PC and without hampering the performance of the PC. Thereby it is seen that both these softwares are highly desirable and work quite smoothly over all the available PCs.