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How to Block a Number on Your Android and iPhone Device

Technology has brought wonders in our lives. We can stay in touch with our loved ones even if we’re miles away from them. With the invention of mobile phones and other handheld devices, we can reach out to another person within seconds. Gone are the days when we had to write a letter to someone, post it and then wait for days until we received their reply. Now, only with a single tap, we can send a message to another person and receive their reply instantly.

With Android and iPhone devices, you do not have to wait to speak to someone. You can just call them away immediately and get over with your conversation. While this works really well for the loved ones in your lives, what about the others you don’t want to speak to? Most of the times we receive spam calls from unknown people that are irritating. At the time we’re looking forward a call from someone important, we end up receiving a spam call. If you want to get rid of these annoying calls, then let us give you a quick guide on how to block a number on your Android and iPhone device. Instead of downloading a separate call block app, you can also block the spam calls directly on your phone.

How to Block a Number on Your Android and iPhone Device

Blocking a Number on Android Phone

It’s really simple to block a number on your Android phone. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. First of all, open the phone app that appears on your home screen and then go to the call history.
  2. While scrolling the call history, go to the number you want to block and then long press on it.
  3. After long pressing the number, you will come across a drop-down menu offering basic shortcut options
  4. In those shortcut options, you will choose the option of blocking a number.
  5. After you’ve selected that option, you will see a confirmation message which says that you will no longer receive any calls or text messages from that number.
  6. Tap the block and the number will be blocked right away.

You can also view the list of numbers who’ve blocked on your Android phone. To view that list, open the phone app once again. Now tap the three dots present on the top right corner, head over to settings and then select ‘Call blocking’. Here you will come across the list of all the numbers who’ve blocked and if you want to remove a certain number from that block list then all you need to do is simply click on the cross present against that number.

Blocking a Number on iPhone

Here’s how you can block a number on your iPhone device:

  1. Go to your phone app on the home screen and then head over to call history
  2. Scroll down the call history and select the number you wish to block by long pressing it
  3. Select ‘Block this caller’ from the drop-down menu
  4. Once you tap block, the number will be instantly blocked

You can also see the list of blocked numbers on your iPhone. To check the list, head over to Settings, tap on Phone and then Blocked. Here you will come across all the blocked numbers. You can also unblock them if you want.

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