BMW refuses to sell to Google

BMW Declines to Sell to Google, A Lawsuit Might be on the Cards

It seems that Google came up with the Alphabet name without doing their research.

Google recently revealed its plan for complete restructuring where Google itself will become part of a larger organization named Alphabet.

Everything was going smoothly for Google until they realized that their new name is actually a subsidiary of BMW, and the domain of Alphabet also belongs to them.

Only way out of this for Google was to buy the domain name and get on with their new name. However, it proved to be more difficult than they had imagined. BMW declined their offer and one of their spokesperson, Micaela Sandstede, reiterated that the company is “not planning to sell the domain.”

That’s not all. Google might also be looking at a potential lawsuit as Sandstede said that BMW is currently examining whether any trademark infringement has taken place.

It seems that Google came up with the name without doing their homework, and now they may have to make amends. Not only they don’t have the domain name to themselves, but they can also be looking at potential lawsuit. As of now, Google’s Alphabet is located at the address, and the way things are going at the moment, it looks like Google has to stick with this address.


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