How Boutique Custom Software Houses Are Changing the Development Landscape

Technology is moving at such a rapid rate that it can be hard to remember that the Internet and our dependence on it is relatively new. It has only been within the last 15 years that businesses have required a presence online, and what businesses choose to do with their websites has changed with the times. Company websites used to be nothing more than an online business card with a small amount of information attached. These days, businesses are expected to buy and sell online, to display dynamic and ever-changing information, and to interact with customers one-on-one like never before. As the demands of businesses change, those creating an online presence for business have had to change with it. No longer are large teams of developers, strategists, and managers required to put together a website for a company. Custom development companies are springing up, capable of being nimble and quick thinking where larger development companies are bogged down in bureaucracy. So why are people turning to smaller development companies with their website plans? And what’s in it for both sides? Let’s take a look at why smaller businesses are providing the custom software development Austin needs.

Businesses Big and Small Are Turning to Custom Software Houses

Small boutique companies have always been attracted to working with other small boutique companies, so it makes sense that for years now, as small organizations such as cafes and retail outlets have looked for development guidance, they have turned to custom software houses. Big businesses have looked to big business for help, and often end up with websites that lack personality and end up feeling transactional rather than personable. But the tide is turning on the belief that big must always go big. When the City of Houston wanted a website where all the city’s purchasing contracts and the spending associated with them were listed, they sought out custom development house Astonish Design, who developed a site beyond the city’s wildest dreams.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better When It Comes to Development

It goes without saying that there are going to be advantages and disadvantages of the size of development company you choose to create your website. Larger companies have more staff and therefore a wider range of development skills to pool when it comes to development, whereas small companies can give you personal service at meetings and you can deal with just one or two people as your development progresses. With a custom software house, you are given the assurance that you know the people working on your website and they know you, and what your business needs in a website, inside and out. Big name expensive firms sound impressive when you are talking about your upcoming development with colleagues, but just because you’ve chosen to go with a business that has longstanding developers on the team doesn’t mean you will get that developer working on your website. By choosing a smaller company, you have more of an assurance that the top developer is working on your site.

Look for Quality of Work, Not Quantity

Make sure you choose a company based on the quality of their work. Breadth of work is an impressive thing to look at (it’s great to see a huge range of websites created by a company), but are they right for you? Would you be better off with a small team of developers that have created quality of product over quantity?

Small Team, Hands On Approach

Let’s say you have an idea for a website, but you have no idea specifically what you want on it. If you have to deal with a large development firm, you may have to deal with a large number of people who choose to listen to your ideas, go away and formulate a plan, and then come back to you with their ideas. With a smaller team, you are likely to be more involved in the process and will be able to see your product unfold before your very eyes. Being part of the process is part of the joy one feels once a website is unveiled; knowing that you had a hand in something makes the reveal all the more satisfying.

Nimble Developers Who Are Open to Change

Website projects change as they go—there has likely never been a website plan that was followed from start to end without a few changes. Choosing a smaller development firm means knowing there are fewer people working on your project, and that they are intimately involved with the creation of it. This allows the developers to have a much more agile approach to project management and they can make changes quickly and easily, without having to bother too many people to do so.

Getting Closer to the Top

Finally, working with a smaller development company often means dealing with people who are closer to the top of the business. Custom software houses are more likely to be newer businesses where the founders and CEOs are still actively involved in the company. By having your website developed by these newer, smaller companies, you’re likely to encounter fresher ideas and quicker response times to your questions or queries. Custom software houses are the way of the future. Look into getting your website developed by a small, nimble, and ever-helpful team today.

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