How to Build a Big Entertainment System in a Small Space

When you live in a small space, such as a dorm room or an apartment, creating a quality entertainment system is often tough but not impossible. Check out these tips to help you build a big entertainment system in your small space.

1. Pick the Perfect Space to Put it In
The first step in creating your home theater system is deciding where to put it. This will ultimately affect the size of your television screen as well as other components of your system. While this step seems obvious, there are several factors that you’ll need to consider to help you decide where you entertainment system will go. Consider these aspects:

• Is there enough space for an entire system (TV, speakers, DVD player, video game consoles, etc.)?
• Is there a power outlet nearby to power everything?
• Is there a cable jack for the TV close by?
Sometimes you have no choice on placement if you only have one cable jack in the room or if you have limited power outlets, so be sure to consider this so that you know how much space you have available.

2. Choose the Right Screen Size
Choosing the right screen size is crucial to having a great entertainment system in your space, no matter how big or small the room is. If your TV is too small, it’s hard to experience the same level of quality entertainment, but a TV that’s too large can easily overwhelm the space. Check out these tips to choose the perfect-sized TV.

• Consider your viewing distance. Pick a TV that’s clear enough to see from where you’re watching, yet isn’t too big so that you can see the pixels on the screen.
• Determine your minimum and maximum screen size options. For your minimum size, use this formula: distance away from TV in inches divided by three. For maximum size, use this equation: distance away from TV in inches divided by 1.5.
• Consider how it fits with the rest of the room. If you’re in a dorm room, make sure you choose a TV that’s small enough to fit under the loft or to sit on your dresser.
• Think about the audience. If you have friends over a lot, you may choose a bigger TV. If you have a small family, you may go with a smaller TV.

3. Buy Decent Speakers
Great screen resolution and a clear picture is nothing without great sound. As you’re building your entertainment system, it’s important to consider the type of speakers you want. Since you’re in a small space, you don’t necessarily want surround-sound speakers, but many people who live in apartments for rent in Houston choose tower speakers to save space and for great sound.

However, surround sound speakers are still a great option for enhancing your experience. If you choose a surround-sound system, consider a wireless choice so that you’re not tripping over wires, and hang them on the wall to save space. Consider something like Logitech’s Z-5450 wireless surround sound speakers to fit within your small space.
If you follow these tips, then you should have it easy when building your entertainment system.

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