Call of Duty WW2

(Review) Call of Duty WW2 – The Series Goes Back to its Roots

After not so successful Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Activision had to come up with the game that appealed to mass audience, and what better way to do it than bringing the franchise back to its World War 2 roots. Not only is it a welcome change, it actually works. This is the first, World War 2 based Call of Duty game this generation, and it delivers on all aspects that make the series so popular. The zombies are extremely well done and will keep you occupied for a long time. Then there is the campaign, which is filled with gruesome moments and amazing set pieces. Multiplayer has remained the same, but with boots on the ground approach, it feels better and is way more competitive than before. Call of Duty WW2 is the step in the right direction, and it opens up doors for some intriguing new entries in the franchise.


Without spoiling too much, we can say that this year’s COD campaign is brilliantly done. The characters are full of life and you actually get connected to them. Their dialogues and comradery is presented beautifully, and that helps you keep invested in the storyline. The set pieces are always a huge part of Call of Duty campaigns and it’s no different this time around. A lot of things will happen to you, to people around you, and to the environment. There is a lot of brutality as well, but that’s to be expected as it is World War 2 and most of the weapons that were used were close-ranged. So, if you only buy Call of Duty games for their storylines, then there is much to appreciate here.


Boots to the ground approach works in Zombies mode as well. It brings back the Black Ops like feel where you really had to rely on your teammates in order to survive. Grab three of your friends with you and dive into this hellacious world filled with waves and waves of zombies. Just like before, you will receive points for killing the enemies, and with those points, you can purchase new weapons or items to keep you afloat. The Easter Egg is long and difficult, and it will take a lot of puzzle solving and surviving to get it done, but in the end it’s all so worth it.


In terms of game modes and gameplay, not much has changed here. However, the World War setting has made the whole thing more tactical. You cannot just fly around anymore and get lucky kills. You will have to get better with the weapon you have got in hand in order to get the upper hand on the opponent. Multiple weapon types are available in the game, but this time around, the arsenal is a bit limited. This is however, a good thing as each weapon feels special and is hard to master. You can choose your class and weapon, and wreak havoc on the field from the get go, but it is advised that you play through the campaign first as this new entry in the series differs a lot from its predecessors.

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