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Can Medical Tests Detect Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine has become very popular in today’s world however the use of synthetic pee is not a new concept. The first sample of synthetic urea was developed by a scientist named Friedrich Wohler in 1828.

His great discovery contradicted the famous vitalism theory which suggested that organic compounds such as urea can only be produced by the kidneys and cannot be created in a laboratory. After this discovery, many individuals have used synthetic urine to pass insurance medical exams even after a night of indulging in cannabis and tobacco smoking. 

A serious medical diagnosis can bring about significant stress and anguish on a family.  For people who want to avoid medical diagnoses such as lifestyle diseases synthetic urine can be used to retain a certain level of calmness and joy in the family. Elderly people especially have used this trick to protect their loved ones from worrying too much. 

You can also use synthetic pee to pass urine tests that stand between their promotions, new opportunities, and school programs. 

The big question in many people’s minds is; can medical tests detect synthetic urine? Well, if you use synthetic pee from a reputable brand such as Quick Fix synthetic you can be sure that your sample will be completely indistinguishable from real urine even at a microscopic level. 

What makes Quick Fix urine go undetected in a medical laboratory?

1.         It Is Carefully Formulated To Look like Real Urine

The quick fix is a complex formula that contains the correct amounts of PH, the specific gravity range, the right temperature, creatinine, and urea as is found in real urine. When the correct amounts of organic compounds are used in synthetic urine, the sample mimics real urine very closely making it almost impossible to detect that it’s fake. 

2.         It Has a Current Formulation Of 6.2

Quick Fix Plus is regularly updated to keep tabs with the latest drug testing trends. Currently, Quick fix formulation is at 6.2 and this is a reassurance that you will not get into trouble for submitting a urine sample that was formulated 10 years ago and does not meet the current drug-testing standards. 

3.         You Can Heat It and Freeze It without Losing Authenticity

There are several synthetic urine products in the market today. However Quick Fix synthetic pee is the only product that can be heated and cooled regularly without destroying its chemical structure. This means that you can warm your sample before submitting it to the lab without worrying that it will lose its authenticity. 

4.         It Looks Like Healthy Urine

Quick fix synthetic pee looks exactly like normal urine. Thus, you do not have to worry about being turned away by the lab technologist because your sample is fake. Compared to other brands of synthetic pee that turn orange, red or pink after exposure to air, Quick fix synthetic has the right camouflage accessories to ensure that you do not get noticed. 

However, make sure that you do not buy expired Quick Fix products as they will not help you to pass the urine test.