Can You Get Unrestricted Internet Access on Android? Yes You Can!

Internet has become somewhat of an essential these days, with a large number of people spending a good chunk of their time utilizing millions of services that it has to offer. It’s not only a way to stay in contact with friends and family in the different areas of the world, but is also great tool for entertainment, gaming, music, movie, shopping, and a whole lot more. Internet has reached a point where it is almost unimaginable to live without it. However, in some regions and even institutions such as offices, schools, etc., internet is restricted in a bid to keep users from accessing certain websites and content, such as Facebook, YouTube, adult entertainment, etc. There may be a very good justification for blocking such services and content. We are not here to take any sides – we just want people all around the world to enjoy the services that are being offered on the internet. If you are an Android user looking for unrestricted access to all websites, then look no further as we have detailed some of the popular VPN apps that will surely do the trick, and will allow you to visit any website that you desire.

Unlimited Free VPN by VIT

First on the list is Unlimited Free VPN by VIT. It has managed to make quite a name for itself and is one of the most used and recognized VPN app available for Android. The popularity of this app is not without merit as it has made things easier for the users so that they will be able to visit different websites without worrying about hitting any barrier whatsoever. Unlimited Free VPN by VIT comes with almost every feature that you would expect to be present in a VPN app. It has very easy to use interface that contains all the options. You just activate the VPN and then go anywhere on the internet using your Android device.

Another great thing about this app is that it’s legitimately free. You will not have to sign agreements or give them good rating to continue using it. Furthermore, there aren’t any ads within the app, which really enhances the experiences. You will be able to understand the features rather easily and you will be able to turn it off whenever you are done. It’s a simple on and off feature that enables you to visit websites from all around the world. Obviously, if you are to install the app, you will need to visit the app store, but there are some configuration options that might confuse you. Due to this reason, you should read up the installation guide for Unlimited Free VPN.

Hotspot Shield VPN for Android

Hotspot Shield has managed to rise up the ranks really fast, and when you get your hands on it, you will realize why it’s so popular amongst its users. Features present in this app surpass most of the apps in the similar category. If you are having trouble accessing a certain website, you can just activate Hotspot Shield, and change your server to any location you see fit. Do note that there are limited options for servers, so don’t expect to see all of the countries here. The most notable countries are present as server and you can easily switch to them. After successfully switching to another server, you will be able to open all the sites with ease. There’s a feature in Hotspot called SMART which allows you to enable any website by just posting its link. It is quite helpful if you aren’t able to open a link on any of the servers available. Just like most of the VPN available, the installation of Hotspot Shield can be a bit confusing. To download it without much of a hassle, check out this installation guide.


If you are looking for fast speed and unlimited bandwidth, then you should opt for SuperVPN. It is another great app that will help you visit any website that you want without giving you any trouble. The best part of the app is the consistently fast speed on offer. Speed rarely slows down and even when it is a bit down, the internet still keeps on working at a pretty decent speed. Only problem that you might face during your use of SuperVPN are the ads. These advertisements can get incredibly annoying if you have to use VPN on regular basis. However, if you can look past these ads, then you have got a great VPN app which caters to almost all of your needs. You will be needing some help while installing SuperVPN, so you’d better check out this setup guide.

TunnelBear VPN

Although TunnelBear VPN doesn’t give you a vast array of features, it doesn’t leave out the features that you do need. There are a lot of options for servers, allowing you to switch between different countries with ease. This app is pretty effective and its speed is amazing. The interface has been done quite well as almost everything you need is put on display. Only downside to this app is the lack of customization options, but that certainly will not be too much of a bother for a lot of people. The users have really come to like TunnelBear VPN due to its easier usage, and surely you will also find it to your liking. Installation guide for TunnelBear VPN can be found right here.


DroidVPN is amongst the top VPNs available on Android at the moment, mainly because of its safety measures that have been applied even when you are using different servers. The new users might find it a bit hard to get into because of its complexity. However, once you get used to the controls and how the features in the app work, you will surely forget the idea of downloading any other app on your smartphone. It can give you access to multiple servers around the world, allowing you to surf sites without too much problem. The difficulty in initial use can be reduced by reading this installation guide for DroidVPN.


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