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Facebook Introduces Graph Search : A social Search Engine for Facebook

Facebook Today Announces the launch of its new Feature Facebook Graph Search, a new intelligent search engine by Facebook. Unlike other search engines like Google and Bing which indexes our pages , Facebook Graph Search on the other end is an answer to our

Email Mark Zuckerberg for $100: Earn Money from Facebook’s new Email Feature

Facebook is cooking some new features in its Laboratory that will probably reduce Facebook Email spams. The Notification to this Update was announced in the Early December which said Facebook will charge Money for sending Email to Non-Friend or Friend of friends. There are

How to Bypass Any Web Filter & Access Facebook using SSH Tunnel

Learn how to Bypass or unlock Fortiguard Firewall or any other web filtering and access Facebook , Youtube using SSH tunneling with the help of Putty. In this tutorial I will tell you how to get a free SSH account and how to setup

Facebook Introduces Sound Notifications

Facebook has now introduced a cool “ping” sound for notification just like they introduced the “REPLY Button“. It’s only testing with a small percentage of people and it can be controlled from the Account Settings page. The test was first spotted by a VentureBeat

Facebook Introduces REPLY Button For Comments

In order to stay on track and to keep the unbeatable position among all other social networking sites Facebook is subjecting to numerous changes day by day. To stand top on competition they’re introducing new apps, new games new layout style etc. Recently like an experiment , they’ve introduced

Facebook Official App Updated for iOS & Android is now 2x Faster and Build-in Messenger

Facebook today announces a new update to its previous versions of iOS & Android app. By this new updated Facebook has cleared one of its greatest problems regarding slow browsing speed in the Apps. Facebook's new App is infact 2 times faster than

App Center For Facebook has Been Officially Released

Today Facebook has Officially Released its App Center Page to be available for everyone. Facebook App Center is nothing but a place where you can discover all the greatest Apps present in Facebook. In fact, you can call it a place to find all