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one click root root android


In this tutorial I will be showing you How to Root any Android phone using One Click Root Software. One Click root is a simple and smartest Android rooting software available these days. And the best part is that you can root almost any Android Mobile Phone using this cool software say it samsung , LG, Motorola , Micromax , etc all are supported.

Laptops to look out for in 2015

Whilst tablets and smartphones have certainly encroached on the market space that was once solely occupied by laptops, the truth is that even today, they are still an essential piece of technology that many people simply cannot do without. Laptops provide a level of functionality and versatility that tablets and smartphones are yet to compete […]

blackberry spy

BlackBerry Spy: Making Life Easier to live

Monitoring people physically has always been a hard task to do. Parents monitor their children to avoid any mishap. Similarly, employers monitor their employees for better and efficient organizational growth. However, BlackBerry phones have hardened the monitoring task as parents and employers are unable to monitor kids and employees physically due to its remote and […]

new nexus 7 tablet by asus

The New Nexus 7 by Asus Launched : Review

Google’s Nexus range of tablets and smartphones have always been a great option for savvy shoppers. Affordable pricing with great all round specs means the devices are perhaps the best option for everyone except the most intense users. Google latest tablet, the new Nexus 7, is no exception. Priced from just $229 in the US and £199 […]

Top 5 Smartphones for Teenagers

Top 5 Rated Smartphones for Teenagers

Nowadays, almost all teenagers do own a smartphone owing to the amazing facilities that smartphone platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone offer. Basically, teenagers need internet connectivity, apps, good camera, good display, etc. Well, we have come up with the top 5 smartphones for teenagers. Check out the discussion below. 1. Samsung Galaxy S4 […]