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Tips for Buying a Gaming Computer

There are so many people tend to use computer when they play. Maybe, one of the reasons is that they are more comfortable playing games in a desktop than in their PSP or any hand-held games. Gaming computer is called gaming PC. It's a

Asus EEE Pad Slider Review – Is it a Laptop or Tablet?

Looking for a tablet with keyboard, but don’t want to carry around an extra keyboard or dock? If you wish to have a full sized QWERTY keyboard with your tablet but don’t want to carry an extra weight, then choose Asus EEE Pad Slider.

Top 5 Tablets for 2013 : Top 5 Tablet reviews and features

In this post I will share top 5 tablets for 2013 which I found interesting. You will get lots of tablets in the market from different manufacturers, but you must be curious to know which are best. So we have choose these 5

Top 5 Laptops in the year 2012

In this article we will discuss on Top 5 Laptops for the year 2012 and suggest you that why to buy these laptop.These 5 laptops belongs to very high demanding brands like Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, Apple and well known Technology Brand Acer. Let’s go

Buying the Right Gaming Laptop

Shopping for a gaming laptop can be a frustrating experience. With so many different Dell Laptop deals to choose from, many people don't know where to start in terms of choosing a laptop specifically for gaming.

ALIENWARE M17xR3 : A Gaming Laptop That Must Not Be Missed

Alienware M17xR3 is a colossal gaming Laptop. Apart from its features in great gaming experience it also looks very beautiful. The Outer shape of this laptop looks similar to its earlier version M14x and M11x with the front of the laptop angling forward and

How to fix Bluetooth Device Connection problem on your laptop

Many at times we need to use Bluetooth connectivity with various devices from our Computer in order to make our life's more easier. But there are many problems which may hinder this such as errors showing up while pairing devices , etc. So in