change or remove iphone 7 battery

How to Change, Remove, or Replace a Battery in iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is a delicate device and if you aren’t careful and drop it somewhere, then the likelihood is that you will damage something inside. The battery is usually a victim in these scenarios, and when it breaks, you have to find a replacement.

Once you have the replacement, you would probably need to go to a shop to get it replaced, which is going to cost a lot. However, you can do it all by yourself. Changing, removing, or replacing an iPhone 7 battery isn’t that big of a deal actually, it can be done quite easily. However, you are going to need time and some tools to go through with the process.

Just follow the given steps and you will be able to get rid of the old battery on iPhone 7 and replace it with the new one without a hitch.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to remove the Pentalobe security screws located at the bottom of iPhone 7.
  2. Use heat to warm up the adhesive and a suction cup to pull up the display without any problems.
  3. Once that’s done, you need to remove some components, so be extra careful during step 4.
  4. After pulling up display as advised in step 2, you need to take out the Tapic Engine, Barometric Vent, and Sensor Assembly. All of these are connected through screws and connectors, so your tool box sure will come in handy.
  5. Now, you have to take out the battery from the casing, so be very careful about it.
  6. Undo the screws on the battery, loosen the adhesive, and then gently apply force to get it out.
  7. Once it’s out, put the new battery in, put all the screws back in, and you’re done.

Please note that we don’t advise you to change or remove an iPhone 7 battery by yourself just to save a few dollars on service charges. It would be best if you take your device to an Apple service center and have trained professionals take a look at your device.

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