2016 Malibu's Nanny Mode to help teens drive safely

Chevrolet include Nanny Mode in 2016 Malibu to Ensure Safety for Teen Drivers

Now your teen will be safer when driving around town.

The amount of teenage drivers is increasing, but the problem is that they are not so good at it. Most of the crashes lately have been caused by teenagers and some of them have even ended up in death. To reduce such incidents, the 2016 model of Chevrolet Malibu will include some incredible safety features that will help bring peace to the parents who are always worried when their teens are driving.

These security features in the new Malibu model are named Nanny Mode. This parental control feature will help restrict speed limits so that the drivers wouldn’t go past that. Furthermore, it has the option that allows the owners to restrict the number of passengers allowed in the car. It would even include an area restriction feature, letting the teen driver know of places they shouldn’t be driving around.

Nanny mode is a great feature and will come in handy for a lot of teenagers who have just started to drive. It will also provide peace of mind to the parents as they would know that their kids are now relatively safer than before.

It wouldn’t be surprising if other major come up with something similar as well to ensure safety of young drivers. 2016 Malibu would surely be the best option available for the parents looking to buy their kids a car.


Image Courtesy: motorauthority.com

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