China denies involvement in OPM Breach

China says OPM Breach was not Government Sponsored

After being suspected of the attack, China has finally responded by claiming that it had no part to play in OPM breach.

Just a couple of months back, hackers managed to breach US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that compromised sensitive information of over 21.5 million government employees.

Now it has been reported that the group of hackers responsible for the security breach were located in China but the attack was not sponsored by the state. This news comes from the Xinhua Notes news agency, which actually is sponsored by the government.

In their report, the news agency reveal that “through investigation, the case turned out to be a criminal case rather than a state-sponsored cyber attack as the U.S. side has previously suspected.”

Although China has been adamant that it had no part to play in the attacks, it still hasn’t revealed the people responsible for the attack.

China was suspected to be involved in the hack because all the data that was secured during the attack wasn’t used for any means whatsoever. Usually, when a group of hackers take hold of such data, they try to sell it in the black market or use it for blackmail.

USA hasn’t responded to China’s claim as yet, but we will keep you updated as the situation develops.


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