Classroom is No Place for Smartphones

Smartphones are no doubt a great invention and has become somewhat of an essential gadget for kids as they can use it to keep in touch with their parents or seek help in case of any emergency. That being said, it is vital to keep this technology out of the classrooms as it acts as a barrier in the child learning process. Let’s look at some of the reasons why it’s imperative to make classrooms a smartphone-free zone.

Distract Students from Studies

Learning requires attention, and smartphones divert the attention of students from studies. It is difficult to concentrate on Math theorem or science lectures when the mobile is continuously beeping. Smartphones not only distract its owners, but also other students and even the teacher, making it difficult to learn anything and affecting the decorum of the class. According to a recent study, youngsters are good in gathering information, but they lack analytical and problem solving skills as they do not know how to process information. So it is important that they are provided with an efficient, friendly and learning atmosphere in the class where they can fully concentrate on their studies while keeping everything aside.

Increases the Chances of Cyberbullying

Giving smartphones in the hands of youngsters is like giving them weapons, as an inappropriate use of smartphones can affect others. Allowing students to use smartphones in class means they are given more time and chances to tease other students and harass them. Cyberbullying is already on its peak, and allowing smartphones in class only seems to adding fuel to the fire.

Cause Social Problems

We always complain that our young generation is not as social as it should be. Kids these days prefer spending time playing video games, watching online programs and socializing on smartphones instead of hanging out with real people in the real world. The use of mobile phones in educational institutions is making the situation worse. Every student is busy updating his/her status. No one really cares about the person sitting next to them. Classroom allows the kid to interact with other kids of their age with different social, cultural, ethical, financial and ethnic background. This process is itself quite rewarding as it develops learning skills among kids, which are very important in building new relationship and becoming successful on the job. When kids remain glued to their mobile phones, the development of these learning skills cone to an abrupt halt.

Negatively Affect Grades

How can students get good grades in exams when they didn’t even listen to the lectures carefully? One of the long term drawbacks of using smartphones in school especially during lecture is that student do not focus on studying, which definitely affects their grades.

An Ideal Tool for Cheating

This tech-savvy generation has found ways of cheating in exams and monthly quizzes using smartphones. Students send message to their friends and ask them for answers to difficult questions. Some students are smarter enough to do online research in order to find the answers. Kids are so good in it that even the teachers do not come to know of what is happening right under their nose in the class.


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