Cloud Computing and Big Data Shares a Special Connection

The terms big data and cloud computing are becoming increasingly common these days, as both of them, when combined, can change the way companies work. However, there is still a lot to know about them as not many people are aware of how the two are related and interconnected. Let’s explore cloud computing, big data, and the connection between them in detail.

Cloud Computing and Big Data

Cloud computing is a solution used for storing and managing data online so that authorized users can get access to it on the go from any device. Companies keep their important business documents on cloud to keep them safe. On the other hand, big data, as the name refers, is a huge amount of structured and unstructured data that ranges from dozens of terabytes to petabytes and even more. The term is not just used for data; it is used for analyzing the data using different predictive analytics and other tools to generate patterns and trends that are then used for developing business strategies and taking other major business decisions.

Cloud Computing Analyzes Big Data Efficiently

Big data is useless if it is not being analyzed properly and this is what cloud computing does. It analyzes data to identify patterns and trends which are then kept in mind while developing strategies. In other words, cloud gives life to the big data so that it can speak for itself, and when it does speak, it changes the fortune of companies. The analyses of big data reveal useful information which, if used properly, can save the company from loss, increase its profit, give it an edge against competitors, and positively contribute to the success of the organization.

Cloud Reduces Cost of Managing Big Data

Big data requires hundreds of thousands of servers which can cost a huge amount of money, but you can save this money by keeping the sea of data on cloud. Cloud computing allows you to keep big data on its online platforms without worrying about anything. So if your laptop’s hard drive expires frequently or your system is extremely slow, then it means it’s time to shift big data to cloud. Cloud computing also offers different tools for analyzing data, something that requires money if done using third-party tools.

Cloud Computing Keeps Big Data Safe

When it comes to big data, then the major issue faced by the organizations is the security of the data, as this data, if leaked, can cost the company losses of millions. Organizations do not have strong IT platform to keep such a huge data safe and to limit access to it, but cloud computing does it all. It not only keeps data safe, but also provides restricted access. With cloud computing, you do not need to take your laptop everywhere for working on big data, as you can access it from any computer or device. All you need is your cloud id and password. If you are extra conscious about the security of big data, then you may encrypt it so that not even the cloud service provider or any third person can’t exploit you by misusing your data.


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