Convert your Instagram Photos to Printed Magnets

Photos are always nostalgic, They reminds our past moments and most of the times they make us laughing..That’s why we are keeping printed photographs on our tables, noticeboards, walls etc. Because we all want these beautiful memories alive in our minds.

And in the digital world instagram has taken this world of personal photography. Millions of people takes photos, upload them via Instagram and shares to anyone across the glob. A few months ago the instagram users were about 100, that’s a great fact. In this beginng day of 2013, I have a cool item for you.

From Instagram to Stickygram  

If you know about Instagram, then this is a must know about this cool service- StickyGram. Stickygram is a cool website that gives you the chance to purchase printed magnetic sheets of your Instagram photos. It’s a personalized printing service that makes lovely and beautiful little magnets from your Instagram photos. We select our photos via online and they delivers the magnets to our door via post.You can attach those lovely little pieces of magnets into your metal wall, table or window easily. You can remove them easily too.

instagram magnets

The magnets comes from stickyGram has a dimension of 50mm X 50 mm like as you see them in your iPhone. These magnets are produced as the packet of 9 pieces (singles sheet). They are flexible, durable and keeps the quality of your pics. Another great advantage of StickyGram door delivery is that you get this service world wide and shipping is completely free.

How this works ? It’s a like an application. You can order your own printed magnetic sheets just in 2 steps

Step 1: Login And Connect

The first and important step is to create an account in Stickygram website and connect your instagram account. Now you will be able to access all your photos uploaded via Instagram

 Step 2: Choose your photo

Once you connected to Stickygram account then you can view all your instagram photos. Now pick your best photos and submit it for printing

instagram stickygram

Let’s make some colorful magnets in this New year . Happy NewYear 2013


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