Could This be the Last Generation of Consoles?

A lot of analysts are speculating that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One could be the last generation of gaming consoles to ever see the light of day. Analysts believe that smartphone games will be the future and even hardcore gamers will leave traditional consoles behind in favor of mobile games. There’s no questioning the fact that smartphone market is on its all-time high and the games available on them, if they get even more popular, can make millions of dollars for its developers and publishers. However, there are a lot of problems with this analysis which we will be discussing in this article.

Difficult to Woo Hardcore Gamers

However, most of the games made available on mobile phones are only for the casual gamers who want to pass some time while waiting for the bus or train. Hardcore gamers, on the other hand, are completely different. They don’t play games just to kill time, they play it as if they are living it. They want to get immersed in the world, want to explore the lore, want to unravel the story, etc. These gamers will not fall for games like Candy Crush or Angry Birds. Most of the hardcore gamers don’t even consider mobile games as real games. So to cater to hardcore gamers, new consoles will come, though they might shift their focus from physical platforms to digital ones.

Every Game is Unique

The games that come out on consoles have their own uniqueness. If one game goes on to become a big hit – that does not mean other developers can just rename the game with same gameplay mechanics. This kind of cheap tactics to gain popularity can only happen on mobile platforms. There are millions of apps available on different stores and most of them are blatant rip off of the original smartphone games that managed to get people’s attention. Even the names of the games are somewhat similar to the one that was a huge hit. On the other hand, all the games on consoles are unique and you won’t see blatant rip offs being made. The hardcore gaming community is pretty smart as they don’t bother with the developers that ditch originality. This is the major difference between the two platforms and it will always be present. There is just no way for mobile games to compete at the class of consoles.

PC Gaming is Well Ahead

Both the new generation consoles aren’t capable enough to give direct competition to PC. PC gaming is always getting advanced with better resolution and frame rates. The games released on both consoles and PC look quite different, with the PC version usually far more superior. New graphics cards are rolled out on regular basis, which enhances the overall experience of the PC gamers even more. Consoles, on the other hand, are stuck with the hardware they were launched with for many years. So in order to stay in the market, the life cycle of gaming consoles will need to be reduced so as to introduced better hardware into the market sooner and prevent gaming from being held back.

The Verdict

So to answer the million-dollar question, i.e. whether this is the last generation of consoles, we have to say no. As long as hardcore gamers are here, there’s no need to worry as the home consoles will keep on coming. The sales figures of PS4 and Xbox One speak volumes for themselves. In less than two years of their release, they have managed to sell more than 40 million units combined. This just goes to show that there’s a demand for home consoles and it’s not dying anytime soon.

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