These days it’s possible to find an application to automate nearly everything –and indeed, Facebook covers are no exception.

Even though you may at first wonder why anyone would want to automate the process of making a Facebook cover, once you read this article I think you’ll find that there are a number of reasons why you’d want to make a cover with a cover maker app.

This article looks at once such tool ‘Make a Cover for Facebook’ and identifies the advantages as well as disadvantages of this web app.


facebook cover designer example 1

Facebook cover designer [ image 1 ]


facebook cover designer [ image 2 ]

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Introduction to Make a Cover for Facebook

It is the intention of Make a Cover for Facebook to allow people to make unique and individual character based Facebook covers with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Facebook Cover Maker   Make A Facebook Cover

Advantages of Facebook Cover Maker App

  • No Charge – The Facebook cover maker app is available to use free of cost, there is no requirement to buy a premium version for an extra utilities. Moreover, whilst the product is ad supported there are no malicious strategies to try and get you to unwillingly click advertisements.

  • Few Technicalities – It’s incredibly easy to use, as a cover maker app you can pretty much load it up and start using it.
  • Easy Interface – Even my grandparents were able to figure out how it worked without my instruction when I gave them the opportunity to make up their own Facebook cover.
  • Unique Covers – Using an innovative layering system, the cover maker for Facebook is able to produce unique covers after a few clicks of the mouse.

Disadvantages of Facebook Cover Maker App

  • Limited Characters – Whilst one is able to easily customise the rather cool characters on this Facebook cover maker utility, there are only a handful of characters available.

  • No Colour Changing – It would have been nice to be able to change the colour of each item of clothing rather than having predefined colours and gradients.
  • No Text – I would have liked to have been able to overlay graphics and text on top of the Facebook cover, unfortunately this appears not to be possible.

Concluding Statement

Even though this Facebook cover maker is a very good application, it currently has a number of limitations. It will be interesting to see how this application develops over the next few months, however, even at the time of writing there are some good reasons as to why one would consider using this Facebook cover making utility.