Create a Professional Ecommerce site using Magneto and ccAvenue Gateway

When you are building a website for e-Commerce purposes, it is ideal to keep general functionality, content and navigation in mind. These three items are important, along with safe and secure checkout processes. Opt to explore secure hosting solutions to provide a safer shopping experience for your customers. Visitors who plan to make a purchase from your website want to do so in a secure manner knowing that their personal information is safe. Implement the necessary tools to ensure the safety of all users while using your website.

Getting Started with Magneto

This is one of the easiest software programs to use for those that wish to build their own e-Commerce website. All of the tools needed, including a standard shopping cart option, are available. The first order of business is to select a theme if you do not have a customised framework in place already. Once this is in place, begin adding content. This includes an introduction about the business, the products that are available and their photos/descriptions, and video content. Add in the shopping cart and security features last. This is much easier to do after the content is in place.


Use Eye Tracking

Eye tracking refers to additional software being introduced into the content that tracks where visitors are looking the longest on the site. For instance, programs work behind the scenes to detect where a mouse cursor sits for the longest periods of time after scrolling through content. This tells you where to put the most relevant information on a page. Most users scroll down past headers and go right to the navigation bar to find what they need. Home page content is often ignored if video content is not included. Videos attract the eye and intrigue the mind to view what is there.


Import Video Content and Widgets

When importing video content, make sure that the videos are short. Videos that are 2 minutes and less are preferred. You can also consider short video clips of 15-seconds or less as a commercial or introduction to featured products or services. This content needs to be engaging. If it is boring or irrelevant material, consumers will pass it by.

Widgets help to keep counters of visitors, direct consumers to specific projects and provide promotional codes for savings among other things. Consider adding in a few widgets throughout the website just for these purposes and to reduce the look of pure text. If something looks like it is too much to read, consumers will skip to what they want and some relevant information on your website will go unnoticed. The Magneto software makes it very easy to add in widgets and embed videos in necessary places on the website.e-commerce-icons

Send Newsletters and Promotional Emails

Sending newsletters and promotional emails from time-to-time to visitors is ideal. It lets those that want the information to obtain exclusive information regarding new products, special sales and other vital company updates. With Magneto, users are able to construct this right within the website building tool. It will send what you create to those that are signed up as you schedule it to go out. Since this is included with Magneto, consider it to be free advertising.


Include a Shopping Cart and Product Information

Consumers like to read about products and view photos of them prior to making a purchase. The product pages and content must be concise and tell consumers everything they need to know prior to making a purchase. This should be the only resource a consumer needs to obtain necessary information. If a user is unable to obtain all of the information about a product on your website, they are likely to purchase from the website that does. Include all of the pertinent and most relevant information about products to protect your revenues and build your client base.


Exploring the ccAvenue Gateway

This gateway is designed to aid your website in gaining more revenues. With this program, users have the ability to offer consumers a variety of credit card paying options as well as safe verification processes. This aids in the protection of personal customer information. For those with global sales, a currency converter is also implemented to save you some time in doing so. All of the tools necessary for keeping track of your funds in the proper currency and protecting your customers are integrated into one simple system. Get started by creating a CCAvenue Merchant account.

Add-ons to Consider

Customer service is very important to consumers. Consider using a live help add-on that will allow customers to connect with customer service representatives when they have questions about a product or service or if a problem should arrive. Specific hours can be set for this service to be active. Also consider installing extensions and modules within the admin area of Magneto. These tools help you to track unique visitors versus repeat users and a variety of other elements.

Implementing Safety Measures

Safety is of the utmost importance for users of e-Commerce websites. These websites are specifically setup to sell something. All purchases must be done over a secure server with features in place to protect user information such as names, account numbers, credit card numbers and addresses. This includes password protection measures, introducing CAPTA elements and ensuring that the backend of the website cannot be penetrated by intruders.


There are a variety of framework programs in place, even for e-Commerce websites. It is important that you take your time building the website to ensure that everything works properly and that it is absolutely user friendly. Consider building the website yourself from the ground up. Keep in mind that the less busy a website is, the more attractive it is to visitors. Visitors also like to browse quickly, so the faster items load, the happier they will be. During the checkout process, visitors also like to get this done quickly so that they can go about their day. Use a simple looking cart that users do not have to stare at to decipher. Completing a purchase in one go is ideal.

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