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Cyber Security Threats Have Gone out of Hand Lately

Cyber security threats have been around for quite some time, but lately they seem to have really picked up the pace. They are now occurring on regular basis and that too on a large scale. Hackers are targeting influential people and organizations, and are getting their hands on information which should be kept safe at all costs. A lot of security breaches have taken place in just the last few months, which has raised concerns amongst the general public. They are now panicking and are taking some security precautions on their own.

We’ll talk about general public later, but first let’s shed some light on the security breaches that have started to occur way more.

Security Violations

Not too long ago, a cyber-attack occurred on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party Christian Democratic Party (CDU). The team behind the attack was reportedly named Pawn Storm, and with this attack, they got their hands on corporate and personal data. Their targets were some high-profile individuals working in CDU. Pawn Storm has been a part of multiple cyber-attacks in Russia and no one has been able to catch them even with the tools available nowadays for cyber security growth.

U.S.A and China have never really looked eye to eye, and most of their conflict has occurred through cyber-attacks. It was no different this year either as both these countries tried their very best to gain access to others’ data through different cyber-attacks.

ISIS has caused problems of their own as they have pretty talented individuals who can breach some serious security protocols. U.S. has tried to counter-attack them, but that hasn’t stopped the terrorist organization from being vigilant in their cyber-attacks.

All of these attacks and capabilities possessed by hackers around the world have made things rather uncomfortable for the general public, which is why they have started to take safety measures on their own.

Safety Comes First

Standard Chartered has a presence all over the world, so if their system gets attacked, all hell will break lose. The higher authorities in the organization realized it and have hired a new cyber security chief from Symantec named Cheri McGuire. She had been working on antivirus for quite some time, so hiring her is a pretty good move. With this hiring, Standard Chartered is hoping that she would devise a security protocol that would keep hackers at bay.

In another similar (sort of) incident, a house blocked all Google-hosted apps and Yahoo Mail due to security fears. This fear was induced when U.S. House of Representatives’ IT team blocked lawmakers from getting their hands on software applications, which they feared may lead to hacking campaigns. This move was done right after Yahoo Mail got blacklisted by House authorities due to the presence of ransomware.

China and the U.S. also seem to have come to their senses. They recently held a meeting in which their security officials met to end the ongoing cyber warfare between them. The meeting seemed to have gone well and there haven’t been any attacks since then.

Are things finally moving towards something better? It’s hard to say, but you really shouldn’t let go of your optimism. Of course we aren’t advising you to let your guard down either. Cyber security threats are very much in play, and it’d do you plenty of good to stay vigilant.

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