Dead Rising 4 (Review)

Dead Rising 4 had been an exclusive for Microsoft for a couple of years and now it has made its way to the PlayStation 4. This isn’t just a port though as the developers have included all the downloadable content that has been released to date, and you can also make your main character, Frank look like one of your favorite Capcom characters. By looking like them, I mean you can dress Frank up in your favorite character’s clothing. Dressing has always been a huge part of the game, and different people like to do different things. The options are there this time around as well, and you are free to experiment as much as you want. The port itself is great as I rarely encountered any issues. However, the lack of story and close to zero innovation in gameplay holds Dead Rising 4 back.


This zombie killing game was never about the story though – it was about glorifying the zombie-murder and if that’s your thing, you will feel right at home with Dead Rising 4. The game does not hold back when it comes to violence, so expect to see all sorts of executions. Weapons are a huge part of the franchise, and Capcom went all in this time around. Everything in your sight can be used as a weapon and there are a ton of them there. Even if you can’t find one, you can rely on your hands, but that’s rarely the case. Weapons are available in abundance and there is so much variety that you will always have something to work with.


This is the fourth game in the series, and at this point, it seems that the Capcom is all out of ideas. The gameplay is very similar to the previous games in the series, and nothing significant has been added except of course the costumes. If you really loved the previous games, then you may want to give this game a go. However, if you are looking for a good zombie game that delivers on most fronts, then this is not it. You are better off playing other zombie games.


Just like gameplay, Capcom forgot to put any effort into the storyline as well. It is as mundane as it can be. None of the Dead Rising games had a good story, but they were at least passable. Dead Rising 4 however, doesn’t even have that. The story and characters are poorly written and the execution is equally bad.


The best and only good thing about this game is zombie killing and you will be doing a ton of it. However, not all the players want to mindlessly kill hordes and hordes of zombies, so my advise to them is to stay away from this game. However, if you want a game where you can just sit back, relax, and kill loads of zombies in gory fashion, then Dead Rising 4 is a perfect fit for you.

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