How A Dental Answering Service Can Relieve Pressure From Your Staff

When you have a busy dental office, often customers call when your staff is not there. Most customers do not like talking to a voice mail system or answering machine. Another problem that arises is that your staff is too busy to answer all the calls. This can lead to loss of business when new customers call to make an appointment or get information.

A professional answering service handles calls 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. This means that all your calls will be answered. Many dental answering services provide daily records and reports of calls, so that your staff knows what is going on. They even make appointments, and register patients for special promotions or events. Peak Answering has an award winning answering service for dentists that can really help out any office manager.

Remember that when a dental patient calls the office often it is an emergency. They may have a broken tooth or problem with dentures that don’t fit correctly. Most times they want someone there to answer the phone. A real voice assures the patient that the dentist and staff will return the call to help with your business. Talking with a trained professional staff member of a dental answering service will guarantee, they get the right response.

When you use a dental answering service someone answers the phone in two or three rings. This means that the patient is not waiting a long time. Sometimes patients hang up in frustration because they do not want to leave a message. Dental patents sometimes call in to schedule a cleaning or because they need to have a tooth filled. These are important routine jobs that needs to be done. When they cannot talk to anyone or make an appointment this reflect badly on the dental practice.

There are two types of calls that dental answering services can handle. The first is emergency calls that must be answered. The service can screen emergency calls based on specific criteria then call your staff based on this information. They relay information to staff using the best methods to reach them. This means email, text, pager, and call patching. You are assured of never missing that important emergency call.

The second type of calls are appointment setting. This means calling some of your regular patients that need to make an appointments for regular checkups and cleaning. It sometimes means trying to get new customers by offering a discount or special promotion on your services. Most services can take messages through multiple channels like the phone, Internet, voice mail, and wireless devices. The more options the dental answering service offers the better the service.

Today many patients have mobile phones and tablets which means they contact your office while driving, from home or at work. If they are looking for a new practice they may just look elsewhere if noone answers the phone. This why a dental answering service is key to your businesses success.

A dental answering service helps:

  • Make appointments with customers and answers calls.
  • Handles emergency calls with a professional manner.
  • Answers calls using a variety of methods email, phone and wireless.
  • Gives you peace of mind that customers are talking to person not an answering machine


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