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Despite its Shortcomings, CyberGhost is Still One of the Best VPNs

CyberGhost has been leading the VPN market and there’s a reason for that. This particular tool has presence all over the world, and with its help users can switch their servers to a lot of different countries, making themselves completely untraceable. Apart from hundreds of servers all over the world, this tool offers easy-to-use client which is something not a lot of VPNs are known for. The user-friendly interface puts everything you need on the main menu so that you won’t have to go through multiple menus just to perform a single task. However, there are some shortcomings as well, especially with their support staff and a few of their security protocols. Let’s discover more about CyberGhost’s features, price, strengths, and weaknesses in this in-depth review.

Data Encryption

For free, CyberGhost VPN offers 256-bit OpenVPN service, but if you get the premium plan, then you can utilize L2TP/IPSec and PPTP protocols as well. Obviously, the more protocols you have active, the more secure your connection will be. So if you’re getting help of VPN because you need security, then you should get the premium plan as it will make your location and IP address even more secure. However, these three protocols aren’t enough, especially when you consider the plans and protocols that its competitors are offering. It’s still a good platform, but there are some VPNs who can easily trump the services offered by CyberGhost.

Data Logging Policy

CyberGhost does not log any of your data, so you can use this service without needing to worry about the company snooping on your online activities or handing over the details to a third party. Even the email id, password, and credit card information that you put in is kept completely secure.


CyberGhost VPN offers three different plans. First one is free and offers limited bandwidth and servers. Second one costs $6/month and gives you access to all the servers. Furthermore, speed in this package is five times faster than the free service. Only problem is, this plan only works on one device. However, there is way for you to make use of this platform on multiple devices, but that is going to cost you extra. You will have to purchase the Premium Plus plan for it, which costs $10. Rest of the features remain the same. So the only benefit Premium Plus plan has is that it allows you to use the VPN on five different devices.


The best part about CyberGhost is that their servers are spread all over the world. Speed of course varies from server to server, but all in all, it works great.

Installation Process

Installation process has never been a problem with VPNs and it’s no different this time around either. You just have to visit CyberGhost’s official website, select the free or premium plan, and you’re good to go. The file will be downloaded in a few minutes. Simply run the setup and follow onscreen instructions to configure the VPN service on your device in no time.

Server Locations

This is where CyberGhost shines the most. It has over 637 servers in 30 different countries. With paid package, you can switch to any of those servers at will.

Provider’s Profile

CyberGhost is based in Romania and has been doing great lately. It has earned quite a reputation for itself and is being used by people all over the world. They took their time building their name, and now they are amongst the very few trustworthy VPN services.


Support staff is possibly the worst part about CyberGhost VPN. They are pretty slow to respond even to the simplest of queries, making the whole process quite cumbersome and annoying. VPN apps are technical products, and when you pay for them, you expect that the company will be there to resolve all your issues. However, when they don’t respond on time, don’t pick up calls, and don’t reply to simple questions, then that leaves the user feeling angry, frustrated, and betrayed.

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