Destiny 2 Review

One of the highly anticipated sequels, Destiny 2 has just been released and it is way better than the original in almost every way. There are some minor issues, bugs, and some unnecessary micro-transactions, but all in all, it is a step up from the original in every way. Story has a lot more weight to it, the gun play, which was perfect in the original hasn’t faced many changes, but it really didn’t need to. Strikes have been made a challenge and on harder difficulty, it is pretty difficult to make it through without dying. PvP mode has faced the most changes and matchmaking now is much better. You can easily find matches and at the end of every match, you get decent rewards. So, playing it is very much worth it. If you are still on the fence about Destiny 2, then let’s clear out some stuff.


The loot, which is one of the biggest parts of the game, has seen a huge overhaul. Instead of having fixed elemental damage on the weapons, it has completely randomized it. This has made loot unique to each player. Two players might find the same gun because of their different stats in elemental damage, they both will be different. Previously, everything was set in stone and people found the best possible gun and just used them. This however, is not the case in Destiny 2. Another improvement that was very much needed is an actual story. The campaign in the first game was downright terrible with even worse voice acting. Thankfully, Bungie learned their lesson and this time, they have come up with the campaign that is actually worthy of your time. The strikes are really well done as well. They were great in the original too, but it seems that a lot of work has been put into Destiny 2 strikes. They feel like a real challenge and are a lot of fun.


If you played the first game, then you pretty much know what you are getting into in the second. It functions exactly the same. Different types of enemies will show up, and you will kill them with your three classes and your awesome guns. In the end, you will find rewards, which will keep on improving as you progress through the game. Missions will once again take you through different planets, and there is a patrol option as well that lets you free roam on the map at will. Strikes will unlock as you progress the story and it is advised that you play them as soon as they become available. Otherwise, they will become a whole lot easier and won’t be a lot of fun.


Destiny 2 is a step in the right direction. Everything has improved – from story to gameplay to PvP. Even if you didn’t like the first one, I urge you to give the new iteration a shot as it is better in every way. There is just one big problem with it, the micro-transactions. Game that costs $60 shouldn’t have any micro-transactions whatsoever, but it has become a norm lately. However, Destiny 2 implementation is worse. People who will pay real money will get bonuses for a limited time and will be able outperform anyone that doesn’t buy them. Some of the late game loot can also be bought with real money early, which is a really bad move. Except for micro-transactions however, Destiny 2 is a solid entry in the series and is a lot of fun to play, alone and with friends.

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