Google Allo Features Might Revolutionize Instant Messaging on Mobile

Google Allo has just gone live and it is already making waves due to its wide range of remarkable and unique features. Other instant messaging apps restrict you one way or another, but this smart new chat app allows you to communicate with unprecedented freedom and convenience. If you haven’t downloaded Google Allo on your mobile yet, then you better do it right away to get access to a whole new and exciting mobile communication experience. Here’s a quick run-through of the Google Allo features that are missing out on.

Google Assistant

google allo feature google assistant

Google Assistant is one of the biggest highlights of Google Allo. What’s really great about it is that you can use it while chatting with someone without having to leave the conversation for even a second. During your chat, you just have to write @Google to get your assistant’s attention. You can ask it about anything and an answer will be provided right there in the chat. Other platforms, as great as they are, do not offer a web search feature. As a result, you are forced to minimize the chat every time the need arises to search for something online. However, with Google Allo at your disposal, you wouldn’t really have to do anything.

Smart Reply

google allo feature smart reply

Google Allo is built to be smart, so much so that it can learn your messaging behavior. If you respond to some simple messages in a certain way, the app can automatically do that for you, of course only if you want it to. For example, if you receive messages like “what’s up”, “how are you”, “how are you doing”, etc., and your almost always respond to them in a typical fashion, then Google Allo will learn that response and display it on its own.


google allo doodling

During your conversations, you can doodle anything on the screen with your finger and send it to the person you’re chatting with. You don’t have to close or open any other tool because Google Allo allows you to draw while staying in a conversation. The only thing you’re going to need is a creative mind, and you can draw and send anything you want.

Picture Recognition

google allo picture recognition

Google Allo sees what kind of pictures you are receiving and provides you with the auto-respond options accordingly. For example, if you receive an image of a landscape or scenery, then you will be given the convenience of choosing from various quick responses such as “Wow”, “It’s Beautiful”, “It’s Great”, “Wonderful”, etc. These options are great and help you keep the conversation going without having to type each and every single word.

Whisper or Shout

whisper or shout feature of google allo

Writing in caps has been made easier by Google Allo as well. If you shout your message, then it will be in caps and will also appear in a large text format. However, if you whisper your message, then the message bracket would be pretty small, and the writing would be traditional. However, you don’t have to rely on your voice to utilize these features as the app also enables you to do these things manually.

Incognito Mode

google allo incognito

There’s an Incognito mode in the app that enables you to chat with someone without leaving any trace of it. If you’re talking to someone and you don’t want anyone to read that conversation, then you can simply switch to Incognito mode.

Emoji and Stickers

google allo emoji and stickers

A messaging app would certainly be incomplete without the inclusion of traditional emoji and stickers to brighten up the conversations. Google realizes that, which is why it has integrated a ton of exciting emoji and stickers.

There are a number of messaging platforms available out there, which makes it pretty hard for people to choose which one to go for. However, with the arrival of Google Allo, people are likely to find it much easier to make their minds as the smart new app offers almost everything you can ask for, and to top all that off, it is quite user-friendly. This means that even people without much technical knowledge can get used to this app rather easily.

All in all, Google Allo is a great app with some of the most impressive and unique features that we’ve ever seen in an instant message app for mobile phones.

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