Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 Being Developed by a New Studio?

Capcom has been doing pretty badly in the recent years and that is because they are not releasing the game that everyone wants to see – Devil May Cry 5. Fans are obviously curious about it and ask all sorts of things. One rep of the studio finally caved in and said that the next entry in the franchise is not being developed by Capcom Vancouver Studio.

“It’s not a game that we’ve announced that we’re working on at this studio.”

The answer is pretty vague but it hints that that Devil May Cry 5 might be under development at some other studio under Capcom or it could be handed over to Ninja Theory, as they were behind DmC, the so-called reboot of the franchise that came in 2013.

Fans have been craving for an actual sequel to Devil May Cry 4 for a long time, but for some weird reason, Capcom does not want to make it. Instead all of their focus is on remastering the Resident Evil series for the current-gen platforms.

Even if Capcom Vancouver is not working on it, someone should be, because it’s the game that could really turn things around for the studio. Here’s hoping against hope that one day Devil May Cry 5 becomes a reality.