Disable/Remove Facebook Ticker : Google Chrome Extension

You all maybe aware of the Facebook’s latest Sidebar ticker, which shows us latest news feed or activities from our friends on real-time. It has many uses like we get to know who all are doing what and also know who all are online even if they are in invisible mode (tracing done by their activity) . It also allows us to comment and like latest updates from friend’s without opening a Separate page for it , we get the update in a pop-up like thing which is easier to use and faster.  Apart from all its uses it to have many disadvantages also such as it takes too much bandwidth when it updates the ticker every 2 seconds or so , also it looks annoying when you see your sidebar moving and your chatbar getting smaller.

Facebook has surely intended it to improve the usability ,but sometimes these changes are not liked by many. In this post I will show you how you can easily disable/remove the ticker from sidebar of your Facebook.


First of all I would like to tell you how you can hide Facebook Ticker without using any extension or plugin. Its the easiest way , you just need to reduce the size of your chrome browser by switching from full screen mode. This will not only remove ticker from sidebar but also you can get Old Facebook chat like effect on sidebar. But it also has limitations such as you will still have ticker on the side where ads are put up.



But if you want to completely disable/remove Ticker you will need to use this Chrome Extension, Follow the below easy steps and you are done!

1) First of all you need to visit the extension page Facebook News Ticker Remover in chrome Web Store.

2) Now click on “Add To Chrome” , as shown in the figure below.

3) Now click on “Install” when a pop-up will show up.

4) Now you just Refresh your Facebook page and you can see your ticker removed from sidebar.


The most simplest way to disable Facebook Ticker is by Using AdBlock Plus, this works both on chrome and Firefox.

1) First of all Click here to Install AdBlock Plus Add-On to your Firefox Browser.

2) Now Simply add the below shown custom filters in the preferences of the extension.


firefox facebook ticker rmove

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