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The Division Survival DLC Reveal Trailer

The Division was a huge success upon its launch, but lack of end-game content and game’s loot system ruined it for the players. However, developers have improved a lot in the previous update and to build on that, they have announced new Survival DLC as well.

This new DLC will not be run and gun like the previous ones instead it will force you to survive in the harsh cold environments with minimal resources. You will have to find water, food, and have to seek shelter from the cold.

It will definitely bring the change of pace, which is required at the moment. The game in its current state has become too stale, but this new survival element is set to bring new life.

Survival DLC doesn’t have an actual release date yet, but whenever it arrives, it’s going to be on Xbox One and PC. PS4 users will have to wait 30 extra days before they can finally get their hands on The Division Survival DLC.

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