Don’t Leave for a Foreign Trip Without These Apps

Travelling is supposed to be fun, but more often than not people going on foreign tours are agitated because they feel they are not fully prepared for the journey. Previously, this kind of behavior and thinking was understandable, but nowadays when there is an app for almost everything, there’s no longer any reason to stay worried. The number of apps you can use on a foreign trip are endless, but following are the five apps for foreign trips that you simply shouldn’t board the plane without.

Google Translate

You’ve just got to have this app on your phone when travelling to another country. You of course can’t speak all the languages, but fortunately you have Google Translate to help you with communicating with the locals. There’s a voice feature integrated in this app that translates whatever is being said instantly. This enables you to talk to anyone at any time without much of a problem.


If you are going camping anywhere in Europe, then be sure to download this app. It contains details and user reviews of most of the campsites across the continent and can prove to be quite helpful on your trip. When you are travelling to an unknown country, it is quite difficult to know where the campsites are because more often than not, they are located in remote places. However, with the help of iCampsites, you can find them without much of a problem.


Cabs and cabbies have quite a negative reputation, which is why the Uber app has become a huge hit, especially among foreigners. The service offers drivers that are well-mannered and drive a car like it is supposed to be driven, hence providing nice and comfy journey for the customers. It’s quite difficult to trust the cabbies in an unknown country, which is why it is advised that you download this app and seek ride from Uber drivers.

Google Maps

You are visiting a different country altogether, so there’s a very good chance that sooner or later you’ll find yourself lost. This is where Google Maps will come in handy as it will allow you to navigate throughout the country without losing the sight of your destination. This will also help you avoid corrupt taxi drivers who take longer routes just to increase their payment. Having Google Maps on your phone is a must for an international tour.


It’s basically your guide in a new country. With the help of this app, you will be able to find places of interest in almost every city around the globe. It will guide you through local venues, events, diners, museums, exhibitions, bars, and other community places. The app’s interface and usage is as simple as they come. You just have to put in the name of the city that you’re in or are planning to visit, and it will notify you about its popular spots almost instantly. Having a digital guide like Musement at your disposal in a foreign country can definitely be a huge help.

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