How to download Google Android O on Your Phone

Google is, undoubtedly, one of the largest search engines operating in the world right now. It never fails to amaze the internet users. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Google is internet for us. We can’t imagine our lives without Google. It is helpful to us in so many ways. There are other web browsing browsers available but everyone loves using Google because of its efficient web searching service and user-friendly interface.

Android O is Here

Recently, Google has announced many updates and technologies to their software and hardware at the I/O developers conference. However, what really took everyone by surprise was the announcement of Android O. The search engine giant has unveiled the first developer preview of its eighth’s operating system that will likely witness a full release later this year. Moreover, Google also revealed additional features that will be added to the most used mobile operating system.

Available on Limited Handsets

We do know that there is still a lot of time till Google releases the full version of Android O. That’s why it has released its first developer preview so users can get access to the codes and test out the new operating system. However, this beta version of Android O can only be downloaded on a few handsets which are as follows: Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel C, and Pixel XL. The beta operating system will not work in any other handset apart from the ones mentioned. To play on Nexus Player, you need to make sure that you plug it into your computer or television to keep up with the steps. Therefore, if you own any of these smartphones, get ready to receive the updates with an Over-The-Air (OTA) update and enjoy Google’s new operating system.

Download Google Android O

But, the question is, how can you get this new operating system? Follow our step to step guide to learn how to download Google Android O on your smartphone.

Step 1: Register Your Device

To start using Android O, you will need to first register with the Android Beta Program.

Step 2: Receive Updates

After you’ve registered to the Android Beta Program and accepted the terms and conditions, your device will now be ready to receive updates directly from the program. You can manually check for the system updates in the program or an update will be automatically pushed to your device.

Step 3: Open Settings

Once you’re done with receiving updates for the Android O, head over to the Settings menu of your smartphone to install the latest update of Android O.

Step 4: Reboot the Device

When your smartphone has finished installing the latest update of Android O, your smartphone will automatically will reboot to install new system files. This is how your device will be ready for the new mobile operating system.

You need to keep in mind that there may be instances where your device will not be able to function properly while it is testing out the latest version of Google’s operating system. If, however, you wish to return to the old operating system version, you can simply do so by un-enrolling your device from the Android Beta Program. Before you go ahead to try the beta version of the new operating system, we would strongly suggest you back up the files or try the new OS on another smartphone.

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