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Download Manager for Android: Convenience Redefined

The Download Manager for Android is Renkmobil Bilisim’s attempt at developing a high quality Android download manager app. While it works with super efficiency, it leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to videos. However, sans minor glitches, this is a solid app. We explore the app even more deeply in our Download Manager for Android review.

Audio and Video Grabbing

The app is capable of handling multiple forms of files. It can tackle APK, RAR, ZIP, MP3, DOC, XLS or other files with super ease. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for an app that can handle YouTube videos, then this one won’t work for you. Moreover, some users seem to find themselves suffering from connectivity issues since the app in some cases will only work on Wi-Fi or Mobile Data and cannot link itself to Ethernet connections. In some cases, the app can also suffer issues while downloading videos, although this doesn’t happen that frequently.

Websites Grabbing

A user can either manually enter a URL that he/she wishes to commence download from, or they can start a download directly from the browser or email by using the link share intent.

Queue Processing & Pause and Resume Downloads

Multiple downloads are allowed through the app since it can run threaded parallel downloads with multitasking. However, if the download freezes or crashes, it does not start from the point where it got interrupted. This is despite the app actually having the ability to start a download from where it was interrupted. And it’s disappointing that in some cases a user is left with no choice but to start download from scratch. Considering there are other apps that allow parallel downloads and queuing, this is one thing that the developers should look into if they want to attract and retain users.

Impose Speed Restriction

The app actually lets you turn up the heat on the download speed by optimizing the download settings by a great deal. It can also help make browsing a more efficient experience.

Integration with Browsers

The app itself is meant to work as a browser. It is accompanied with a built-in download management system and even comes equipped with media player capabilities. While it is supposed to support tabbed and full screen browsing, the browser can give users trouble at times since on some devices, it interrupts ongoing downloads. It does come with some super helpful features, like it can tell you as soon as it finds downloadable media as you go about your business online. The user friendliness issue comes up here too since the downloads are hard for some users to track despite there being separate folders and storage space for them.

Download Acceleration (Multipart Download)

The files are downloaded in parallel parts because of which the app is able to increase the download speed considerably.

Supported file size

While many other apps will offer unlimited download capacity, this app actually has a disadvantage because it only allows the user to download files that are around 2 GB. Of course, it needs to be mentioned that several apps promise to download files as large as possible but often suffer glitches that never let the downloads complete.

Customer Support

If there is a problem with the app, users can email, or call at +90 216 445 63 04/05. The customer support leaves much to be desired since calling in will cost you big bucks if you’re in the wrong country, and support should generally not cost users anything. There’s no standard response time for email support either.


Download Manager for Android is compatible with Android version 2.1 and above. Do keep in mind that the newer versions of the app may not be supported by an older version of the operating software.


The complete installation guide can be accessed at How to install Download Manager for android. And if any other information is needed, users should head over to the application website, i.e.


The app can be downloaded for absolutely free from the Google Play store.

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