Download Movies through Direct Download

Nowadays there are many sites which provide us download links for latest movies , softwares and other stuffs. Most of us use torrents for our downloadings as the torrent are resumeable and torrent with good seed will be having good speed. But many of us dont know that even direct download have good speed and some of them are resumeable.

But the only problem with direct download is most of the file sharing sites support maximum upload of 100mb or 200mb for each file. So a movie file  of 700mb cannot be uploaded.So in order to share it with others the uploaders split the 700mb movie or software file into parts of 100mb. So we have to download all the parts first then we have to join it.This is the main step to be followed while we download a movie or any other file through direct download.

For this we need some softwares which might be useful for our download, extraction and joining.

1.  Internet download manager (IDM)– direct download client.

2. 7Zip– to extract rar files.

3. FFJS– for join ._a,.001, .002, .003 files.

4. ALZip– to extract .alz, .a00, .a01, .a02 or .vnw files.

STEP 1 :

First of all you need to find the required file you want to download.  I would recommend you to download files that are from mediafire because the downloading is much faster and it can be easily resumeable. Below are the list of sites from where you can get mediafire download links.

For movies : , ,

For games and softwares :

STEP 2 :

Now we can start downloading using internet download manager.  Either we can Right click on”click here to download”  and download the file directly by clicking on “Download with IDM“.

OR else you can click on “copy link location” and then manually add the link to Internet Download Manager(IDM).

STEP 3 :

After the downloading of all the parts are complete we need to join these parts. For this we can use 7zip , ALzip, FFSJ or winrar. Most of the files with extensions ._a,.001, .002, .003  can be joined using FFSJ and we can join the files by open the 1st file (ie, part 1) using the FFSJ.

But there are files which can’t be opened by FFSJ such as .r01 ,.rar, .alz, .a00, .a01, .vnw etc. For such files, we can use 7zip ,ALzip or winrar  to open the 1st file and then extract that file , the other parts will be automatically joined in the extraction process.  Always make sure that all the parts are contained  in the same folder.

This is how we get our required file. This process might be lengthy but i think direct download is more better than torrent for many ways. If you guys have any problem regarding this post or any doubt regarding direct download please dont hesitate to ask us.

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