Download YouTube videos

Here’s How You Can Download YouTube Videos Within Seconds

In the past couple years, YouTube has become one of the fastest-growing online streaming services available on the internet right now. Apart from benefitting from many other features on this platform, users can now also download YouTube videos quite easily.

YouTube – the Most Commonly Used Platform for Video Streaming

Many other online streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon TV, etc., followed the footsteps of YouTube and offered similar services. Despite having so many competitors in the market, YouTube is still being regarded as the best online streaming platform by the majority of the users. It’s the most commonly used platform for viewing videos online.

While most of the telecom companies have allowed users to enjoy unlimited internet data, there are times when it’s not always possible to stream video content. There can be a couple of setbacks including but not limited to slow internet speed, network disruptions, hectic schedules, and what not.

Good news is that YouTube now allows you to download videos within a matter of few seconds, keeping you away from those times.

There’s quite a useful feature in YouTube app, available for both Android and iOS devices, that lets you download videos from YouTube. However, this feature only works on the app and not on the desktop. Let’s find out how this feature works on the app.

Download YouTube Videos

The process is pretty simple and quick. We will be showing you how to download YouTube videos from an Android device. Follow the step-by-step guide and enjoy downloading videos from YouTube within a few seconds.

Step 1: Open YouTube app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Head over to the video you want to download and watch later.

Step 3: Just below the video, you will come across a few icons. One of them will be a Download icon which is the second option from the right.

Download YouTube Videos Step 1

Step 4: On tapping the Download icon, you will be given three options for selecting the video quality – low (144p), Medium (360p), and HD (720p). Select the one you prefer. Below those options, by default, the command for ‘Remember my settings’ has been ticked. Let it be as it is.

Download YouTube Videos 2

Step 5: Once you tap ‘OK’, the video will start downloading and will be saved in the Library.

Step 6: To track the downloaded YouTube video, tap Library, which can be found on the lower right side of the app.

Download YouTube Videos 3

Step 7: Under the Available offline section, look for Downloads and then tap it.

Step 8: Here you can see the list of all the videos you have downloaded from YouTube.

Download YouTube Videos 4

In case, you want to delete a certain video, simply click on the three dots against that video and then tap ‘Delete from downloads.’

Points to Remember

It is noteworthy to mention that the downloaded videos remain on the YouTube app as long as your mobile device remains connected to the internet connection for twenty-nine days. The downloaded videos can be played offline for an incessant period of up to forty-eight hours. After that time period, your device needs to be reconnected to a WIFI connection or a mobile network after every forty-eight hours, allowing the app to check in case there is a modification in the video or whether it’s still available for offline viewing.

For instance, if a video is no longer available for offline viewing, it will be automatically removed from the Downloaded videos section as soon as you sync your device the next time. YouTube videos can be downloaded via both mobile data and WIFI network. Remember, not all YouTube videos may be available for offline viewing.

In case your device is low on internal storage, the downloaded videos can also be saved to your SD card. To do that, you need to visit your YouTube profile, open the Settings and then Downloads. Here you will toggle on the option of ‘Use SD Card’ which indicates that your videos will be saved to the SD card.