Downloading via BitTorrent : Beginner’s Guide

Today i was talking to a friend and she said she wanted to download a movie, an old one. hmm i suggested my same old remedy Torrent Downloads. Well i tried to explain, but she didn’t quite catch up. So i decided to write a blog post on p2p sharing via torrent files, mainly via bit torrent.

So what is a torrent ?

well torrent downloads  is a protocol(set of rules) for sharing big and high quality files via online. it defines a new style of light weight packet data sending between people who are downloading and thus give high download speed. In simple language the advantages are

  • even if connection is broken you still can download rest after re-connection of internet. no more broken downloads. .
  • the 160 million clients worldwide provide you the largest file library and a reliable speed for download..
  • from new movies to software,  music,  e-books  torrent databases over internet is so large.

so now lets see how to set up a torrent client and download files.

Getting a torrent client

Go to the download page and download the installer of a torrent client. say BitTorrent. ( other clients available are vuze , utorrent, firetorrent … ) vuze provide one of the best interfaces, other clients are lightweight ones. well i use BitTorrent though.

I assume that you know how to install a software, its simple they provide the instruction very well. to start simply double click on the file we have downloaded, now read and click next to continue through the procedure. agree there terms and finally with click of finish the software be installed. usually the software be opened by itself or open it in programs option in windows or by desktop short cut. if you are using bit torrent you will see an interface like this

well am not getting deep into functions provided by the client. this tool allows use to open up torrent files and start downloading. it has many options like search,  set download limits and all, but the pre – configured one will work fine for a beginner. If you have doubts on configurations simply comment on the post.

Getting torrent file and starting up download

we have simplified  torrent downloads as a special way of downloading or distributing files.  we can also say that a torrent client is a software which handles the way download works and a torrent file (.torrent) is a set of information related to each files, helping the torrent client to locate and download the file. the files shared via torrent system are usually user created or files in there drive. and a torrent file is something through which we access and download the file on users drive. ok stop the confusing talk lets get straight to point.

in order to download a file via torrent. First find the associated torrent file. if i want to download movie say iron man i should either go to google and type iron man torrent. or type in your torrent client search or any torrent database sites. some of the best torrent sites are kickasstorrents , torrentz , fenopy etc.

so now i have a .torrent file of the film or software i want. so how to load it via torrent client. usually when your browser finished download you will be prompted to save or open the file. open the file via torrent client you want.(usually its configured automatically, you just need to select open option). else you download the file to local drive. then double click it. it be loaded into the torrent client. if not use the option open file with, browse and find the torrent client, select it and open. now you are ready to go. when ever the torrent client is open, and network is connected the file is being downloaded. you can see the percentage of download and use it once the download is finished.

Associated Terms

seeds : the available uploaders of file. It is advised to use torrent file having more seeds for faster download.

peers : the available downloaders of file.

seeding : after download a torrent file be shown under section seeding. this is like sharing data to other downloaders who haven’t yet finished download. Its not a necessary process, still  a helping hand attitude.


on limited internet watch out the amount of data you are downloading.

decrease the upload rates and increase download rates to make good use of your bandwidth.

its internet, so its advised to have an anti virus installed on your computer to keep it safe.

disable auto start up of torrent clients for faster start up of your computer.

so have a happy time downloading . and comment if you are having problems,  suggestions or doubts.

info references : google, bittorent