Easiest Ways to Hide and Unhide Apps on Android

There seems to be an app for pretty much everything nowadays, adding a considerable amount of convenience into the life of smartphones users. A large number of these apps contain users’ personal information and data, which is all well and good until the device gets lost, stolen, or falls in the wrong hands. This is where the importance of hiding apps that contained personal or sensitive data is realized. Previously, it might have been difficult to hide stuff on mobiles, but now it is very much possible. We’ve shared a couple of ways in which you can hide and unhide apps on your Android phone.

Hide Apps

Method 1

The first method is quite simple. Just follow the given steps and you’ll be able to hide any app from your screen without a hitch.

  1. Open App Drawer.
  2.  open-app-drawer.jpg

  3. Tap the Menu button and select Hide/Show Apps from this menu.
  4.  tap-menu-and-select-hide-show-apps.jpg

  5. Now select the apps that you want to hide by tapping them on the top-left corner.
  6.  select-apps-you-want-to-hide.jpg

  7. When you’re finished, just tap on Done and you’re good to go.

Method 2

If some of your smartphone apps contain sensitive data that you’d like to keep hidden from everyone else, then seek help from another app. There are a lot of tools that allow you to hide apps or put password locks on them. An example of such a solution is AppLock, which is quite popular amongst Android users and has gained quite a reputation for itself. There are a bunch of other tools like this available on Google Play Store, and if the mentioned app doesn’t do the trick for you, then just do a bit of research and you will certainly find a solution that fits your needs.


Unhide Apps

Method 1

If you have hidden the apps following the first method, then you simply have to reverse that process.

  1. Go to App Drawer.
  2.  open-app-drawer.jpg

  3. Tap the Menu Button, and then tap on Hide/Show apps.
  4.  tap-menu-and-select-hide-show-apps.jpg

  5. Now you will be taken to a new menu with all the hidden and unhidden apps.
  6.  tap-selected-apps-again-to-unhide-them.jpg

  7. Tap to uncheck the apps you want to Unhide, and you’re good to go.

Method 2

If you used an app to hide one of the apps, then you will just have to open the control panel of that particular tool, and here you will have details regarding each hidden app. Just select an app, go to its options, and select the option of Unhide.

Note: Setting up a strong password for your device can prove more effective than the aforementioned methods to protect your private data from snoops.