Easy Downloader Pro Android Review

Easy Downloader Pro: A Feature-Rich Download Manager for Android

Easy Downloader Pro is among the top download manager apps for Android that has a wide range of functions for its users. It has built a reputation for being a decent music downloader, while it has a lot more to offer. The app can up the download speed by over 50% making it faster than your regular download. However, there are some areas that need work, including large sized files which can put the user into a pickle. Let’s learn more about the app in our Easy Downloader Pro Android review.

Audio and Video grabbing

Easy Downloader Pro tries to cater to as many types of audio and video formats as possible. When tested it was able to handle all types of formats and things went through without a hitch. In fact, this feature is one of the most reliable ones on the app (sans the large file size issue).

Websites Grabbing

Data and files from any websites that the user is browsing can also be downloaded. To use the app to download any form of content simply tap and hold before you’re given options by the app. Android users will typically use the Dolphin browser to get their work done, and the app has a special add-on for this browser. You can browse the files you want, download them with the app, and generally just enjoy an organized process.

Queue Processing

While multiple downloads are allowed on the app, there isn’t a queue that you can build for it to execute later.

Pause and Resume Downloads

You can easily manage when and how you want to download the files that you need. For instance, the app lets you pause and resume a download. This is extremely useful since people lose the download even when they lose their connection. Disconnected downloads will start from where they were left off.

Impose Speed Restriction

The app doesn’t have any options for speed restrictions as such. It does effectively increase download speed by over 50% so that the download will finish faster.

Integration with Browsers

The app will most certainly work with stock browser, Dolphin, Skyfire, Boat browser and Firefox, but beyond that the company hasn’t bothered officially outlining which browsers are compatible with the app. Moreover, while Dolphin has a special add-on, the same kind of smooth and effective experience isn’t found on any other browser. So if your preference lies with another browser, you’ll be a little stuck.

Download Acceleration (Multipart Download)

The app allows multiple downloads to be executed simultaneously, along with which it also lets you start a multi-threading process i.e., speed up the downloads by more than 50%.

Supported File Size

Files, whether large or small, are easily supported by the app. Generally small files aren’t the problem; just about every app will take care of a file that’s small in size. However, some are not able to handle larger files. The Easy Downloader Pro doesn’t have this sort of an issue, though. The files basically get sent to the SD card and not the phone memory so the device’s speed doesn’t get burdened either. That being said, files that are a little too large (let’s assume 400mb, for example) have been known to cause glitches where the download creeps up till 50% and then restarts itself. The app will work 90% of the time though, so persistence maybe the key if you’re adamant that you need a particular file.

Piling on one too many downloads at the same time or trying to download exceptionally large files seems to overwhelm the app. That being said, repeated tries will eventually lead to success, although that defeats the purpose of a downloader that’s enhancing speed.

Customer Support

There is unfortunately no sophisticated system for customer support available. If you run into trouble, you’ll have to shoot out an email to downloader@2easydroid.com. There is neither specified timeframe for a response nor is there live chat support.


The app is available on the Play Store absolutely free.


As of Feb 10, 2015, the app supports Android version 2.0.1 and up.


A comprehensive guide for information about installation, and other questions, can be found at:

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