eBay Now shutting down

eBay to Shut Down its Rapid Delivery Service

The e-commerce company has taken this step mainly to focus back on its core business.

eBay has decided to kill off eBay Now, its fast delivery service, once and for all. The company has taken this decision to channelize all its energies in one dimension.

This service was started three years back, but it was quite apparent that eBay will not continue it in the future as the company stopped growing the pilot project, and also killed off its eBay Now mobile app last year in December.

eBay was offering this service in selective regions, including but not limited to New York, Dallas, San Francisco, and Chicago. This service will officially end by coming Friday.

eBay spokeswoman mentioned in an interview that the company is ditching this service because same day delivery services is more beneficial for daily use items that are needed immediately like diapers, groceries etc., but not for most of the items sold on eBay like collectibles, antiques etc.

With eBay Now, the customers were able to buy items from selected local stores like GNC and AutoZone, which were then delivered to them on the same day.

The company is also getting rid of a handful of its mobile apps, including eBay Valet, eBay Motors, and eBay Fashion in order to avoid confusion among its customers who are unable to decide which app to use.