YouTube Red to offer Ad-Free Experience

Enjoy Ad-Free YouTube with Red subscription for $9.99 a Month

The service even lets you save videos and music offline, while exclusive content for members is in the pipeline.

Google has announced an ad-free subscription for YouTube at $9.99 a month. This new service has been named YouTube Red and it will let users view all of their favorite videos without having their experience disturbed by ads.

In addition to removing the ads, YouTube Red will let users save videos and music that they will be able to view and listen to offline. Furthermore, the popular video sharing service will introduce some original content exclusively for the subscribers.

Ads aren’t too bothersome as most of them are skip-able after a certain time. However, now that new subscription has been revealed, YouTube might start to incorporate more ads into the videos. This is really good strategy as the people who are bothered by these ads will just pay for the subscription while the others will have to sit through the excessive ads. Both scenarios will benefit Google.

However, it’s all speculation at the moment so we can’t say anything with certainty. We will reveal more on YouTube Red as we draw near to its release that is scheduled to happen coming next week.


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