Enjoy and Make the Most of your LSAT Review with 7Sage

The legal profession is one of the most sought-after careers in the country. Aside from the fact that being a lawyer can be a very lucrative job, it also provides for a great challenge and fulfillment to an individual who is looking to make a difference in the world. The most difficult hurdle in becoming a lawyer however, is the fact that studying to become one is very costly. Aside from having to finish an undergraduate degree as well as post-graduate studies, one has to prepare for the bar exams by taking a LSAT review course. Preparing for the LSAT itself can burn a hole in any aspiring lawyer’s pocket. This is why a company called 7Sage was launched by a group of Harvard Law graduates.

What Is 7Sage?

7Sage’s main goal is to liberate legal education starting with the LSAT. While some people can afford to hire tutors at $150 per hour or take preparation courses that cost about $1000, the majority of law students just do not have the means. With 7Sage, those who are studying for the LSAT can now afford top-notch, high quality instruction that will prepare them for this test that will pave the way for their career in the legal profession.

What Does 7Sage Do?

Cofounders J.Y Ping and Alan Cheuk, both graduates of Harvard University, worked together to forge the perfect LSAT review curriculum. 7Sage originally offered free explanations of LSAT questions however copyright lawyers started coming after them. They then decided to charge users a very minimal fee for access to these questions. Apart from that, they also released hundreds of videos that explain LSAT logic games. In addition to that, 7Sage offers a program called PreProBono which is a fellowship program with the goal of sending bright, public-interest-minded students to the top law schools in the country.

Their online LSAT courses are administered through HD videos, cheerful and user-friendly online flash cards and easy to understand PDF documents. This is why, apart from learning, students also get a feeling of a fun, friendly, and happy environment conducive to learning everything that they need to know in order to pass the examinations. It works great because 7Sage’s program is designed to make you feel like you have your own private tutor. You can go about the course at your own pace and time giving you the convenience of just staying at home. Reviewing for the LSAT however, will require a lot of focus, concentration, self-discipline and commitment. So if you are doing the 7Sage online courses make sure that you commit to a proper schedule for yourself and stick to it.

How To Go About Your LSAT Review With 7Sage?

The first thing that you should do is sign up for their free account. You can get free lessons and participate in lively discussions with other users. You can also make use of the LSAT scorer. Once you try out the free resources, you can choose between three of their packages that vary in price. This option was less expensive than any other online resource that I researched. For more information about 7Sage LSAT preparation, visit their website at http://7sage.com/.

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