How Your Event Can Benefit From A Celebrity

If you have a big event coming up, and are looking to create a buzz around the whole thing, there can be no better way than to hire the services of a celebrity for it.

Having a celeb at your event will create a stir, and there are many benefits to having one there for that big event.

First of all, having a celebrity for your event is likely to attract media attention, both locally and nationally – maybe even on the international scene. The celeb who will appear at your event on newspapers and on the internet, which will lead people to ask questions as to who the company is and what event/occasion it is being held for (for example, the event may not be a company event at all).

Having a celeb at your event will cause a stir locally, and will virtually guarantee you maximum attendance. Everybody likes to meet a celebrity, so there should be no shortage of people lining up to attend the event.

Maybe the event is for a specific cause. If this is the case, having a celeb in attendance can only further highlight the work done for this cause, and increase awareness. If the celebrity can relate to the cause, even better, as this will make the headlines in the media, further increasing awareness.

When the event has kicked off, there will be a lot of people that would love nothing more than to have their photo taken with the celeb. This, more than almost anything else, is going to be the most important part of the entire night? Why is this? Social media. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google + are everywhere these days. People like to share photos on these sites with their friends, and of course, they will want to share that photo of them with the celeb at your event. Given how important social media is to businesses these days, this kind of publicity will do wonders to create a buzz around your brand or cause.

There is no publicity like that which is free, and as you have seen from above, you will have gotten tonnes of free publicity, in papers, on the internet, and on social media sites which can be nothing but of benefit to the brand or cause. If news of the celeb’s attendance goes “viral” on the Internet, this will help your business or cause take off, to its maximum potential. You should see an increase in calls to your offices, and in sight views (including unique visitors) to your site, almost immediately.

As you can see, having a celebrity at your event is very advantageous. The pros far outweigh the cons. In fact, the only real con is that it may be expensive to hire a noteworthy celeb for the night. However, it would be reasonable to assume that you will easily make this money back in time, due to the publicity and increased visibility your brand or cause will enjoy.

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