Everybody needs a Geek. #GetYourGeekOn

At long last, finally, the time we have been waiting for…the term heard around the world that used to conjure up mental images of a side parting, thick rimmed glasses, saddle oxford shoes and a short-sleeved white collared shirt has been dispelled. Today, when someone says, ‘Geek’ it instead conjures up visions of invention, creativity, opportunity. Geek is the new cool; lucky for us.

Urgh my tablet has crashed! I don’t know how to set up my email account on my mobile phone. How do I group my photos into designated folders? I can’t set my Wi-Fi up on my iPhone? What is iCloud and how does it work? How do I use my ‘maps’ app? Are these phrases familiar to you? Is this you or someone you know?

We no longer use our mobile phones just to make calls – we now use our smartphones for email, social networking, maps and games, videoing and taking awesome pictures, or even as diaries and alarms.

If you’re technologically illiterate then it’s about time you got yourself a geek. The best way to think of a geek is as your very own personal technology assistant. If you struggle with simple techy things, a geek could enhance your personal and even business life, tenfold.

Now I know we are slightly bias, being geeks n’all, but everybody needs a geek. Whether it is because all your kids are at uni so can’t help you out, or if you are super busy and just need a quick, simple solution; or you are just not technically minded (lots of people aren’t – no shame in it) geeks will rescue you.  

Geeks are loyal too; it runs in their veins. If a geek can be so loyal to their favourite gadget manufacturer, operating system, TV show, movies, fantasy heroes and so on, imagine what happens when someone needs to be technically rescued. 

I guess the Geeks at mobile repair companies are trying to say is…”get your geek on”. Or we can do it for you.

In this modern day and age, some people are taking advantage of the fact some people aren’t techy, or simply lack confidence over technical issues; be it with their mobile phones, tablets or laptops and computers. We don’t take advantage. In fact, at places like Geek Squad, they like to pass their knowledge on us. They love tackling your technology troubles and are here to help day and night, on the phone, over the web or in store. 

That is why the guys at Geek Squad HQ have created the ‘Knowledge Vault’. The Knowledge Vault is your technology information centre where our Agents share their expert knowledge of all things device-related, helping you to make the most of your technology; whether a mobile phone, tablet, computer or laptop. No problem is too small or silly, so don’t be afraid.

Visit the Vault

In the Vault you and pick the experts’ brains to troubleshoot problems at home, master your mobile and gain unique insight into the latest and most sought after gadgets. You’ll find FAQs, troubleshooting guides, ‘how to’s’, expert reviews, podcasts and much more. 

They don’t stop there though, you can find them in over 100 Carphone Warehouse stores, UK wide and we are on hand to help you 24/7, 365 days a week, and can even offer you remote help; connecting to your computer or laptop remotely and troubleshoot ideas with you.

Since I first visited the knowledge vault I haven’t looked for help anywhere else just because their has been no need. It takes me longer looking for a new site that will give me the answers to my questions than it does to simply type my question into the search bar in the knowledge vault. Their how to’s guide on connecting your wi-fi to the Samsung Galaxy S3 was a great help, I spent hours trying to do it myself but after the first attempt at following Geek Squads guide it was connected straight away! This is the type of service I like!

A natural born writer, Stacey Barton writes professionally and for fun across a wide range of niches with particular attention to how classic brands can continue to offer the same product for decades and somehow survive the turbulent and ever changing consumer market.


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