how does android vpn work

Everything you Need to Know About Android VPN

We are often asked about Android VPN, and most of the times, the questions are somewhere along the lines of “how does Android VPN work?”, “how do I know if an Android VPN is safe?”, “how does a VPN hide my location and IP?”, “how do I know what is the best VPN for Android?”, etc. All of these are very legit questions and here we have tried to answer all of them so that it becomes one stop for all information regarding VPN for Google’s mobile OS.

How Does Android VPN Work?

When you connect to the internet through your Android phone, or any other device for that matter, you’re given an IP which becomes your identity on the internet. All the activity you do on the internet will route through that particular IP. However, with Android VPN, you can change the regular flow. With its help, you can switch to another IP at a new location, hence hiding your actual address and location. After activating the VPN on your phone, every activity you do on the web will be routed through the new server and location. This way, your actually location and IP remain hidden from the prying eyes of snoops, governments, and anyone else who may be watching. Additionally, you get to enjoy complete online freedom as you are no longer bound by geo-restrictions. This means that you can access content that was otherwise blocked or not available in your region.

How to Know if an Android VPN is Safe?

One of the biggest questions we’re asked is how to know if VPN they’re going for is legit. This is a very fair question because there are a lot of malicious tools out there that do more harm than good when downloaded. To know if an Android VPN is trustworthy or not, you have to do a bit of research about it. Read reviews written on notable sites, see how the customers have reacted to it, and finally, check out the user score on their official page on Google Play store. Some developers pay people to write positive reviews for their VPNs, which is why you should scroll down a bit and see what the negative reviewers are saying. Reading their feedback will give you a pretty good idea about whether an app is worth buying or not.

How to Know Which Android VPN is Right for You?

There are tons of Android VPNs available on the Google Play store, which makes it hard for users to find the one that best fits their needs. However, there’s no need to worry because there are several ways to know which VPN would suit you the best. First thing you have to do is visit a VPN’s official website and check out their server locations and their payment plans.

After you’ve taken a look at both these things, ask yourself one final time what you are really looking for. If you just want to switch your servers for a bit so that you can access some blocked content, then you should go for the one that offer servers in multiple locations for free. You are not going to use the VPN on your Android too often so why spend money on it? Opting for a free Android VPN is the best choice.

On the other hand, if you are seeking a permanent solution where you are going to spend all of your time on VPN and are not ready to compromise on speed or bandwidth, then getting the paid plan is your best bet. Almost every major Android VPN provider out there offers premium packages, which offer unlimited bandwidth and fast speed.

So to sum up we can say that if you are not going use VPN a lot, then go for the one with the best free package, and if you’re looking to use it for a long time and want the best speed and more bandwidth, then go for the one that has the best paid plan.