Everything You Need to Know About Windows 10 Creator’s Update

Microsoft has rolled out the creator’s update for Windows 10, and it is absolutely fantastic. Due to it being low-key release, not a lot of people are aware of the features it brings and aren’t making use of them. This update is awesome and everyone should update to it because of how much it has to offer. The motto of this update is “every individual is creative” and this update basically allows them to channel their creativity in the right manner. There are multiple tools available at their disposal and they can do a lot of things with it. However, due to lack of knowledge about Windows 10 Creator’s Update, it is largely being ignored. We want to change things though, which is why we have outlined the best offerings that have been introduced with Windows 10 creator’s update.

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3D in Windows

The regular Paint software is good but it doesn’t allow for too much creativity. You can create all sorts of things in there but you are restricted to a bunch of tools. However, 3D in Windows that comes with the creator’s update provides you with the freedom you need. You can create anything you want, in any shape and size, and then you can work on it to make it even more perfect. 3D allows you to truly express yourself whereas the regular Paint doesn’t even come close. If you are an aspiring artist yourself or there is someone in your family who wants to become an artist, then you really should get 3D in Windows. With its vast array of options, it is easily one of the best and easy to use 3D software around.

Beam Streaming

Streaming video games has become a huge thing nowadays and creator’s update makes this process a lot simpler. You don’t have to download anything, you don’t have to set anything up, or any other thing. All you have to do is press Windows Key +G and Beam streaming will open up for you and your game will start streaming. Beam comes with low-latency technology, which means that the users won’t be suffer from lag even if they are watching on a slower internet. To add a bit more flavor to your stream, you can add animations and sound effects. All of these features come with the update, and as mentioned above, you don’t have to download anything whatsoever. Just pres Windows Key + G, and Beam will start streaming whatever video game you are playing. It is a great way to test your broadcasting skills at the beginner level. Once you have an understanding how it actually works, you can move on to the big leagues like Twitch and YouTube.

Game Mode

With all sorts of programs running in the background, the gaming experience suffered big time as users experienced frame rates drop on regular basis. To improve things, Microsoft has introduced Game Mode. With this mode enabled, all the background features are put in the rest mode, and more processor power is given to the game. This means no frame rates drop or any other kind of performance issue. This is a huge step forward especially for the gamers who still have to rely on old PCs. They can’t run most of the new games on their old rig because of how much of the RAM is consumed by the Windows’ processes. However, with Game Mode in place, those problems don’t exist anymore. Even a mid-tier PC will now be able to run the new games without much of a hassle.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge gets a lot of hate and for the right reasons. However, with creator’s update, Microsoft has really improved its browser. It is no longer slow and most importantly, it now offers a bunch of features which could only be found in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or other browsers. The new features include extensions which help enhance the overall experience. Furthermore, it includes a new bookstore that allows you to make a purchase without having to go through multiple channels. See anything you like in the Microsoft bookstore? Purchase and read it right there. It’s fast and convenient especially for the avid book readers. All in all, Microsoft Edge is a way better browser now as compared to what it was at launch. There is still room for improvements but it is no longer a third-class browser that you can just ignore. Give it a try, you will definitely enjoy your experience.


Cortana started off strong. It was a great assistant to work with and Microsoft has been introducing new features to improve it even further. With creator’s update, Cortana has received the ability to control your music. You can now tell it what you want to listen and it will be played for you. Instead of going through your whole collection, you now have the option to tell Cortana what you want to listen to, and it will be played for you. That’s not all as Cortana can also go full screen from here on out. If you are having trouble using it from the side screen or you are just far away from the display, then you can just make it go full screen. This way you will see each and everything that’s going on with Cortana.

Other Improvements

Most of the major features and software that were introduced with Windows 10 creator’s update have been discussed above, but there were some minor enhancements done as well. For example, a new Night Light feature has been added, which lowers the shininess of your screen so that it can be used even in the night without damaging your eyes. Windows Defender Security Center has also received an overhaul as all the options you need are provided on a single dashboard. You will get to see the state of your computer from that very dashboard, which makes things a whole lot easier. Finally, creator’s update has introduced dynamic lock which works with your smartphones. If you integrate your mobile phone with your computer, Windows will give you an option to put dynamic lock. Dynamic lock basically locks your computer if it is not being in use, and it can then be unlocked solely by your integrated smartphone. This is just an added security measure and is helpful for people who have to use their device at their school, colleges, hostels, etc.

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