Tesla 3

Everything You Need to Know about Tesla Model 3

Preserving of environment is a hot topic nowadays and auto industry is trying its best to not hurt it anymore by introducing non-combusting cars. However, no company has put as much effort into this endeavor as Tesla, which alone has introduced three different electric cars already, namely:

  • Tesla Roadster (code name DarkStar)
  • Tesla Model S (code name WhiteStar)
  • Tesla Model X

However, there was just one problem – they were all pretty expensive. Knowing that, Tesla started to work on a new model which they wanted to be as consumer and environment friendly as possible, while be available at an affordable price. With this vision in mind, the company started working on a new electric car and after a long wait, they unveiled it. The newest model is called Model 3, code name BlueStar.

Design: Tesla Model 3

Let me get one thing out of the way, Tesla Model 3 looks absolutely fantastic. Chief designer Franz von Holzhausen has certainly done a great job with the car, with every inch of the car oozing pure class. It’s a four-door compact sedan that allows five people to sit in comfortably. When I say comfortably, I mean really comfortably. There is leg room for people sitting in front as well as for the people in the back. The all-glass roof of Model 3 is quite distant from the seats, giving a roomy feel to everyone. Furthermore, there are two trunks in this car – one in the front and the other in the back. CEO Elon Musk claims that you can fit a 7-foot surfing board in these trunks, so it seems that there’d be a whole lot of space in there. So to sum up, I will say that Tesla Model 3 is an amazing-looking car that provides almost every feature that one can ask for in a modern-day vehicle.


Model 3 is expected to do a minimum of 215 mph on one charge, which is a lot, and even if you are close to running out, you can recharge it anywhere you want. The location doesn’t really matter because the car is designed to cater to all kinds of voltages. There’s also supercharging capability if you need to travel long distances. There’s autopilot hardware as well if you get too tired and want to take some rest. Speed has always been a plus point for Tesla’s vehicles and it’s no different here as Model 3 can go from 0 to 60 in 6 seconds. That’s not all though as the car also comes with 5-star safety measures, which means that the car will try its very best to keep you alive even in case of serious accidents. All of these features will be present in each model you purchase, but if you want enhanced experience, then you can opt for some optional features as well, which include Dual motor all-wheel drive, long-range battery backs, autopilot convenience features, tow hitch, glass, metal, or sunroof roof panels, vegan friendly interior, active air suspensions, and speed upgrades.

Tesla Model 3 will have three different models, but details on them are pretty scarce. Only difference discussed by Musk is that the speed in other versions will be higher than the standard model.

As far as pricing is concerned, Tesla Model 3 will cost you at least $35,000. According to the manufacturer, delivers will begin by late 2017, though according to CNET, Model 3 may already be running a bit late.

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