Everything You Need to Know About the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has created a lot of buzz in the IT world, with people wanting to know more about it. It is one of those innovations that are expected to change the way we live our life, and also the way we work. With little information available, people are extremely curious about its working, benefits, effectiveness, implementation, and much more. Here is a simple overview of this phenomenon written for all those people who are relatively new to the term.

What is IoT?

In simple words, IoT refers to a network of different physical objects that are interconnected through the Internet and possess the ability to interact with each other without the need for human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. So, if you can control your television, oven or any other device with internet, then you are already using Internet of Things.

IoT is All about SMC

IoT has gained a lot of attention lately, with everyone talking about it from his own viewpoint. If you are rather confused than clear about it after reading articles and opinions online, then we have an easier way of telling you what it is all about. IoT is all about SMC, where S stands for smartness, M for monitoring, and C for connectivity, and also control. Internet of Things is basically making all our appliances and devices much smarter by connecting the humans to machines, machines to machines, and humans to humans through the internet. It is providing us control over all our devices and appliances, or in other words, our life by giving us one key to managing and connecting everything that can be connected. We will soon be living in the smart cities operating smart devices. This is what IoT is all about.

What’s the Science behind IoT?

You must be wondering about the helping hand or magical force behind IoT? In fact, you might be expecting some very difficult words that you can’t even pronounce. However, this is not going to happen. With so much debate going on about IoT, one thinks it is something really complicated and difficult to understand, but that is not the case. IoT works on wireless connectivity, the technology we have been using for so long. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and RFID are widely used to connect the devices through internet, which are then controlled using a mobile app, but this isn’t it. The IoT also use cloud computing to gather and analyze data and control the appliances in a better way.

Is IoT Real?

No matter how ignorant this question sounds, the truth is the majority of the people worldwide have entered this phrase on Google to the point that Google search engine is feeling irritated. Jokes apart, the truth is that IoT is not a prototype or wild imagination of an IT geek. Also, it isn’t something impossible or difficult to implement. The biggest proof of its existence is that some of the biggest names of global IT industry are already working on it. These include Apple, Philips, Google, Lowe’s, Samsung, etc. So, IoT is not the future but rather our present, as claimed by Gartner, according to whom roughly 4.9 billion connected devices will be used by people this year, and this amount will reach up to 25 billion by 2020.

Can Every Device be connected to Each Other?

There are hundreds of devices we use daily and each of them are working on different platforms and have different technologies in them, so the biggest challenge faced by IT experts is the development of a standard system that allows every device to connect to the other device irrespective of the technology used in it. Several companies are joining hands to overcome these problems in order to take IoT to the whole new level. Among them is AllSeen Alliance, which is an alliance between Qualcomm, Sony, LG, Panasonic and Microsoft. There is also another partnership between Samsung, Intel, Cisco, HP and GE.

Let’s Get a Glimpse of Future

Let’s show you how your life will be in a couple of years. Picture this: you wake up on that annoying voice of your alarm clock which immediately notifies the coffee maker to start brewing coffee. Your smartphone switches off all the appliances at your home the minute you step outside the door. After a fresh cup of coffee, you are heading straight to the office, but traffic is very heavy so your smartphone inform your client that you will be late. Your office equipment reminds you about the supplies that are short. And your refrigerator sends a text on your mobile to let you know that eggs and milk are out so you have to buy them while heading back home. Your smartphone locks your car, and alerts your home security system to open the lock. In other words, all your devices are connected with each other to get things done in a smooth way. This is how your life will change, but there is still much more to that.

Impact of IoT on Businesses

IoT has the potential to be extremely beneficial for business organizations no matter what the nature of their business is. It makes monitoring, planning, and controlling business activities easier. All the equipment owned by the companies will stay connected online, allowing you to keep updated about their efficiency and effectiveness. The concept of physical office environment will be replaced by a virtual environment where everyone will be connected to each other and to his devices through the internet. IoT will decrease the cost and increase profit of the companies, helping them to satisfy a greater number of customers. It will also open doors for new technologies and industries. Most of the companies have already invested a huge amount of money on creating products based on IoT.

IoT and Safety Concerns of People

With almost everything connected through the internet, the security issues increase up to a great extent. This is why companies working on IoT are putting extra emphasis on developing an efficient privacy policy to provide foolproof security. For instance, Apple has made it compulsory for all the companies who are creating products for its HomeKit to use data encryption for added security.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for a change this big? This is the question everyone must ask himself. IoT is in its development stages, and there is still much to come. It is with the passage of time that we will be able to explore its benefits and drawbacks, but until then we can educate ourselves about it so that we are ready for using this smart technology. Internet of Things is one of those innovations that will leave a strong impact on every person living on the planet, so its best that we get to know it so that we can use it to our maximum advantage when that time comes and it is not very far.


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