What to Expect from Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 is on the horizon as we are expecting it to get revealed real soon. A lot of rumors are circulating regarding the next offering from the tech giant, and those reports make it seem like solid new entry in the market. From the rumors that we have heard/read so far, it seems that Google is trying to make an Android version of iPhone X.

Now that’s not a bad thing at all – in fact a lot of users prefer Android to iOS, but would like the same features and specifications as Apple’s latest offerings. For those users, this news is great as they will finally get to enjoy the high specifications and speed without having to deal with the iOS platform. It’s nothing against iOS either – it’s just preference.

Some people don’t want to work with Android while some just don’t want to deal with iOS. For iOS users, there’s already an iPhone X, which is an amazing smartphone. And if the rumors turn out to be true, then android users will also have a gadget that would equal the awesomeness of an iPhone X.



Design is one of the most important aspects of a phone. It took Samsung a long time to realize that and they paid dearly for it. However, they have learned and we hope that Google does not mess their latest entry either.

Google Pixel 2 was amazing looking – there’s no doubt about it, but the new iPhone X has completely ditched the onscreen buttons and people prefer that design. Rumors are that Google Pixel 3 will copy that design too, and that once again would be a great decision.

Covering the upper and lower part of the screens with unnecessary icons doesn’t really help anyone. Give people the entire screen to work with. That’s what iPhone X did and it has been a huge success, and it seems quite probable that other companies will soon follow suit.

With Google’s offering set to come out this summer, they should be the first one to cash in on the new design as Android users don’t have anything of that sort available to them at the moment. If they do manage to come up with some close to iPhone X, then that could prove to be a huge seller in the market.



Google has been absolutely top notch with its camera offerings. Google Pixel 2 had the best camera of last year and we are pretty sure that the new and improved version in Pixel 3 would be even better. Cameras in smartphones play a huge role in sales.

People want perfection and they are even willing to pay for it. With Google Pixel 2’s initial design, and some improvements, Pixel 3 could come up with the best camera to date for pictures and videos alike. Even Samsung and Apple couldn’t compete with the older Google version, and they would have to put in some serious effort to even come close to the output of Pixel 2.

Google has established itself as one of the best providers of cameras, and now they have to enhance that image. They have to make sure that people who have tried their previous product stays with them. With the good word of mouth that Pixel 2’s camera received, more people would be interested in the Pixel 3’s camera, so Google has a lot of expectations to live up to and we are hoping that they will not disappoint.



Snapdragon 845 is the latest chipset to grace the market and you can expect it to be a part of almost every single high-end smartphone that launches this year. Google Pixel 3 would be no exception as it will most likely get it as well.

Pixel 2 came out with 4GB of RAM, but the standard has been raised as minimum that people have been demanding is 6GB, so we are expecting Google to support this standard. Holding their product back wouldn’t do them any good, and they know that. This is why it’s almost certain that they will increase the amount of RAM plus the storage space.

Samsung and Apple have been dominating the smartphone industry, but Google has been taking huge strides towards success and we are pretty sure that they are on the way to give huge competition to both tech giants.