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Facebook 360 App – First Dedicated Virtual Reality App by Facebook

The social media giant namely Facebook has never failed to cast long-lasting impressions on its users. With the launch of enticing new features every now and then, it has marked a permanent place for itself in the world of digital marketing. It’s already known that Facebook never stays behind in implementing newer technological trends in its platform. It was pretty much evident when Facebook invested a large number of resources and billions of dollars to virtual reality. However, there has always been a slight difference between what goes around in the main Facebook app and what on the Oculus Rift and Gear VR.

Introducing Facebook 360 App

Facebook has gone ahead to intertwine the real and virtual space of Facebook a tad by introducing its own dedicated virtual reality app – Facebook 360 App. Launched in March 2017, the Facebook 360 App serves as a hub for the 360 photos and videos posted to the Facebook site. According to the social media giant, more than one million 360 videos and around twenty-five million 360 photos have already been posted to the site so far.

The 360 pictures offer near-to-reality experience to the users, providing a greater view of a particular surrounding. By just looking at the 360 pictures, one feels that they are watching the place in real-time. 360 pictures allow them to experience a scene or a surrounding in such a way that they feel they’re watching it in real. People who’re not able to attend an important family gathering or a business event, they can experience that particular occasion in real-time by just looking at the 360 pictures. Facebook launched the 360 app to narrow down the distance between virtual and real world, making the virtual world seem as real as possible.

Facebook 360 As In-App

When the Facebook 360 app was first launched, it was only available for the Gear VR headset, allowing users to download the app from the Oculus Store. However, as of now, Facebook has advanced the 360 app by making it an inbuilt feature of the Facebook app itself. The company has updated its mobile app for both Android and iOS devices by offering support to capture and share 360 pictures with their friends and others without using any extra hardware equipment.

Updates in Facebook 360 App

First users were allowed to upload and view the 360 pictures on Facebook by using images created on other devices like Oculus and Gear VR. However, since May last year, Facebook rolled out the new update, allowing users to take 360 pictures within their mobile apps itself. The new update doesn’t require users to seek help from other devices in order to take 360 pictures. Facebook’s mobile app can efficiently handle the 360 capture itself.

Use as Facebook Covers

Users can not only take 360 pictures within their mobile apps but also share them as well as use them in the form of Facebook covers for their profiles. In fact, this is the first time Facebook has updated its cover photo format by allowing to set 360 pictures as cover photos. The 360 covers not only give an exquisite panoramic view of a picture but also serves as a tremendous interactive tool.

There was a time when 360 photos were considered a unique phenomenon when users came across them on their newsfeed. However, with the launch of Facebook 360 in-app, the company wants 360 photos to be treated as regular pictures on Facebook. Users enjoy the liberty of posting 360 pictures on their timeline, they can share them in albums along with other regular pictures and also add them to groups or pages.

How to Take 360 Pictures from the In-App

Capturing 360 photos from the in-app is not complicated as it may seem. Facebook uses its in-built user-friendly camera to capture the 360 pictures, allowing users to take the entire picture in the panorama style. Users can slowly rotate the camera until they capture the perfect view. The Facebook camera is quite user-friendly as it automatically stitches the photo together after you finish rotating your photo to capture the perfect 360 photo. The same camera also lets the user zoom in the picture. They can also tag their friends in the picture while uploading it to Facebook.

In case you’re still wondering how to capture a perfect 360 photo using the Facebook 360 app, then don’t worry as we have given a detailed step by step guide for you to understand the entire procedure.

Remember, the steps are same for both Android and iOS devices. Here are the steps for you to follow:

Step 1:

The first step is pretty basic. Open your Facebook app on your mobile device and get logged in if you haven’t already.

Step 2:

Once you have logged in, tap ‘What’s on your mind?’. In case you’re wondering, this is where you update your Facebook status. After tapping, you will come across a myriad of options such as Photo/Video, Go Live, Check In, Tag Friends, etc. However, just scroll down a bit until you find ‘360 option’. Click that option to proceed.

Step 3:

Now, you simply press the blue button. The camera will pop open on your screen, allowing you to capture the picture. Follow the path from start to finish while slowly rotating the camera until you’ve taken an entire panoramic style picture. You may also zoom in the picture if you want.

Step 4:

After you’re perfectly captured your 360 photo, you can select your preferred ‘starting view’ from within the photo and then share with your chosen audience. You can also tag your friends in the photo just like you do with the other regular pictures.

Facebook has said that the 360 photo in-app ability has been rolled out worldwide. While some users have started getting access to the feature, some are still waiting for it to arrive on their devices. Soon, they will start using the 360 photo feature within their Facebook mobile apps. On this note, let’s hope Facebook continues to add more features to its caps, creating new prospects of communication for its users.


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