Facebook changes news feed algorithm

Facebook Allows You to Declutter Your News Feed Once and For All

The new set of features is only available for iOS users at the moment, but Facebook claims that it will roll out these features for Android and web in the coming weeks.

This Thursday, Facebook announced a set of new features that allows its users to see posts and status updates from only those friends and pages which they select, eliminating updates from people and pages they are not interested in.

Facebook used an algorithm to generate the Newsfeed for its users based on the posts they liked and people they interacted with in the past. With the new changes, every Facebook user can change this algorithm by controlling what he really wants to see on his News Feed.

iOS users can now see a “More” button on the bottom of screen, clicking which takes them to settings and select tool preferences. Facebook has initially added 4 different tools.

If there are certain friends and pages you want to follow without missing even a single update, then first feature is what you need. This tool allows you to select people and pages whose posts come on the top of your News Feed.

The second tool allows you to select those people you want to remain friends with without getting updates from their page.

The third tool provides you a list of all the people and pages you unfollowed in the past so that you can follow any of them if you want to by just pressing the button.

The last tool is an interesting one. It is basically some sort of a discovery option that suggests different pages you may want to follow based on the pages you liked in the past.


Image Courtesy: cnn.com