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Facebook and WhatsApp to Kill Support for BlackBerry Devices from April

WhatsApp and its parent company Facebook have revealed their plan to dump Blackberry devices for good from April 2016. This move will be affecting BlackBerry 10 and all other handsets running the BlackBerry OS.

Facebook will release one last mandatory update for Blackberry, after which BlackBerry users won’t be able to use Facebook and WhatsApp on their devices any longer.

As expected, BlackBerry is not happy about the decision, something that it made clear in an official blog post. The Canada-based company tried to convince Facebook to change its decision, but to no avail. However, it is still committed to offering its operating systems instead of switching to other operating systems. The company asked its users to speak about the decision by sharing hashtag #ILOVEBB10Apps.

BlackBerry is not the only smartphone to be losing support for WhatsApp. Facebook has already revealed its plan to discontinue the service on Nokia handsets and phones running on older versions of Android by the end of 2016.


Image Courtesy: www.cbc.ca

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